DB Schenker chooses Webfleet Solutions as preferred telematics partner for its fleet & data management


DB Schenker, one of the world’s leading logistics providers, has chosen Webfleet Solutions, Europe’s leading telematics solution provider and part of Bridgestone, as preferred telematics partner for its complex fleet and data management.

The common goal of the partnership is to optimise supply chains through connectivity and to enable greater transparency in the movement and global exchange of goods.

“Through our partnership with Webfleet Solutions, we are reaching a major milestone on the way to higher data connectivity,” explained Florian Kemmerling, Head of Internet of Things, Global Digital Solutions at DB Schenker.

“We at DB Schenker can see that many freight carriers already use telematics, but the reliability and quality of the information transmitted can vary significantly. This makes the networking of data more difficult, particularly in the case of more complex consignments, because the dimension of the delivery and information on the complete transport plan is not easily accessible. Industry 4.0 requires connectivity of all parties involved.

“Real-time data for position and remaining travel time are the key factors to further optimise supply chains.”

With around 76,000 employees in more than 130 countries, DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading logistics service providers. The industry still works with very large target times and time windows within its supply chains, which include high security margins. This prevents optimum utilisation of loading ramps and times.

Increased connectivity in production also requires reliable data at all times – including supplier data, especially in “just-in-time production”.

WEBFLEET, Webfleet Solutions’ Software-as-a-Service solution, enables its customers to share shipment information across different means of transport via open APIs. In this way, the complete delivery process can be seamlessly traced – in compliance with legal and data protection regulations.

“Often not all vehicles and means of transport involved in the supply chain are already connected,” said Taco van der Leij, Vice President at Webfleet Solutions Europe. “And even if they are, this data is only visible to the owner and can only be used in the direct context of the delivery.”

“Shipment information and telematics data still come together too rarely. Via our telematics solution WEBFLEET, fleet operators can very easily share explicit data, for example at sub-fleet level.

“In this way, DB Schenker receives position data in real time and can track the complete progress of the selected shipments.”

Webfleet Solutions offers these reliable open interfaces based on high data availability and data security with an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified service.

“Data protection is essential for us at DB Schenker,” added Florian Kemmerling. “When existing telematics solutions such as WEBFLEET are used for data exchange, carriers have complete control over what information they share.”

With this partnership, DB Schenker is making a further step in optimising freight movement through better utilization of shipping methods via connectivity between all stakeholders in the supply chain.