Domino Launches Solutions for Automated Product Printing & Label Verification


Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), trusted global provider of complete variable data printing solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new automated product printing and label verification solutions to help manufacturers reduce the risk of costly product labelling errors. Domino’s latest solutions include advanced coding automation software that removes the need for manual intervention and integrated machine vision to check the accuracy of every printed code.

As legislation surrounding the labelling of consumer products becomes stricter, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in product identification operations has never been more important, but product printing errors due to inefficient processes and overreliance on human labour continue to be a significant issue.

“In January 2024 alone, the FDA issued 19 recalls for food products in the US, with 18 of them attributed to undeclared allergens due to labelling errors,” says Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Automation, Domino. “These figures highlight that printing and labelling inefficiencies are still very much present within a significant number of manufacturing facilities, despite recent advances in product coding automation.”

Recent industry reports support these findings, with Automate UK’s recent Industry Insights Survey 2024 finding that over 81% of industry workers identified automation as their primary challenge for 2023. The cost of adoption, lack of internal knowledge, and the inability to find the right suppliers stand out as some of the top barriers to adoption.

“When it comes to adopting automation, designing a solution that integrates various technologies while managing relationships with multiple suppliers can be costly and complex, posing a challenge for many businesses,” continues Kulauzovic. “Our closed-loop solutions have been designed to offer all the benefits of automated product coding from a single trusted source, helping to reduce complexity and costs associated with lengthy project timelines. In addition, our flexible finance options – encompassing both subscription models and product leasing – mean businesses can upgrade without significant capital investment.”

Domino focuses on supplying complete end-to-end solutions for variable data printing so manufacturers can ensure that the energy, time, and funds they invest are spent creating high-quality, sellable products. End-to-end solutions encompass two newly launched products, Domino Automation, and the R-Series i-Tech, plus remote monitoring from Domino’s cloud-based services – all of which are designed to work alongside Domino’s full range of variable data printing solutions:

  • Domino Automation – centralised message storage and automated printer management software
  • R-Series i-Tech – label verification and quality inspection system optimised for high-speed production lines
  • Domino’s cloud-based services – machine monitoring tools for remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and optimisation

Domino’s solutions can be tailored to customer requirements, with all components available as stand-alone products, or integrated as part of a full, closed-loop solution.

As part of Domino’s extended customer testing, end-to-end product printing and label verification solutions were delivered to a number of sites across Domino’s existing customer base. The ease of integrating a complete solution from a single provider received significant positive feedback.

“The market has told us that cost and complexity are huge factors preventing manufacturers from adopting automation – we are here to tell you that coding automation doesn’t need to be costly or complex,” says Tony McNulty, Chief Product Officer, Domino. “Our end-to-end solutions are designed so manufacturers can easily automate their product labelling, reducing the risk of errors, without the hassle of managing multiple vendors or conflicting technologies.”

Please visit the website to find out more information about Domino’s automated product printing and label verification solutions.