DP World’s DUBUY.com launches digital trading route Morocco


DP World, a leading global end-to-end supply chain solutions provider, has launched its wholesale e-commerce platform, DUBUY.com in Morocco, empowering Moroccan businesses to tap into a well-established and extensive network of international partners worldwide.

DUBUY.com is an online marketplace that enables Moroccan businesses to engage in cross-border trade. Through its network of importers, exporters, and trade professionals, Moroccan businesses can expand, access new product sources, and explore fresh business opportunities.

It also ensures a more secure, convenient, and reliable supply chain through DP World’s global network of ports and logistics facilities.

What sets the platform apart is that the digital trading routes are supported by physical corridors built by DP World across Africa, including ports, terminals, and logistics operations. By creating access to strategic markets for emerging economies and facilitating the prosperity of local businesses, DUBUY.com aims to drive growth in the region.

This launch marks the latest expansion of DUBUY.com, following successful introductions throughout Africa and the Middle East in the past three years. These launches have fostered an online business community in Africa with retailers actively using the platform for business.

The platform addresses some of the primary obstacles hindering the growth of e-commerce in Africa, a continent which has the potential to become the world’s largest free trade area. It accomplishes this by providing secure and accessible financial transactions, offering scaled pricing for high-value orders, and ensuring reliable order fulfilment.

Speaking on the launch, Mahmood Al Bastaki, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Trade Solutions at DP World, said:

“The African e-commerce market has grown from strength to strength, and GITEX Africa is just one of the examples of how far the tech and start-up landscape has grown in the last few years.  DUBUY.com is uniquely positioned to enhance trade in this region – taking Africa beyond its borders and helping to create trading opportunities both on the continent and with the rest of the world. There is a substantial opportunity in expanding further into North Africa, accessible by businesses across the entire region. It is our hope that access to the digital platform will enhance opportunities for businesses in Africa and beyond.”