E-commerce market is growing rapidly


It’s a given that the E-commerce market is growing rapidly. And it may not be a surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly boosted this market. Especially in the E-grocery market, we see an extraordinary fast growth.

International supermarket research organization (IGD) indicates that by 2023 the market for online groceries in Europe will grow by 66% to 47 billion euros in turnover. In Asia, the online market share will increase from 3.4% in 2018 to 7.5% in 2023. In North America, it will grow from 1.5% to 3.4%. The importance of strategic partnerships between retailers and technology companies is expected to increase (Rompaey, 2020).

A lot of companies already took the opportunity and adapted their strategy to these fast changes in the market. For example online supermarkets and distributors rapidly found a different approach to packing and distributing their products. The automated packing industry on their turn, also responded quickly to these developments.

Take the Dutch company Niverplast for example; a company that offers a variety of packaging lines/machinery as well as flexible film solutions such as closed loop recycled (T-shirt) bags. Niverplast quickly responded to developments in the E-commerce market and designed packaging machines that can place multiple eco-friendly (T-shirt) bags into one crate. With this ingenious invention, orders can be processed faster and round the clock. Also the courier can deliver the groceries much faster. UK’s largest online grocer and a lot of other prominent worldwide online supermarkets like Picnic found their way to Niverplast. Together they improve business in the E-commerce market.