Eaton launches advanced digital MCCB platform to enable the evolution of UK building infrastructure


Power management company Eaton has launched its most advanced digital moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) in the UK. Combining IoT connectivity, maximum onsite safety, predictive maintenance and Class 1 energy metering in one compact smart device, Eaton’s digital NZM MCCB platform has been designed to enable building digitisation and decarbonisation.


Prepare for the energy transition

The built environment is estimated to be responsible for around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint, with almost half of this coming from energy used in buildings. To achieve a net zero carbon built environment, there is increasing demand to monitor energy consumption accurately in buildings. Eaton’s digital NZM MCCB provides ISO50001 readiness through integrated Class 1 energy metering across current, power and energy parameters. This pre-installed sophisticated energy metering function measures current and voltage with +/- 0.5% accuracy to yield precise, real-time monitoring of energy consumption without additional metering. This accuracy ensures the device meets the Class 1 energy metering standard in accordance with IEC 61557-12. It enables close control of energy consumption and sustainability efforts, helping end users save energy and move to a carbon neutral status, increase efficiency or reduce bills.


Increase onsite safety

To ensure maximum protection of personnel, such as maintenance staff, the NZM compact circuit breakers offer Eaton’s Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMSTM) as an option. This goes beyond regulatory standards to create a safer working environment during maintenance switching. By reducing the tripping time, the system decreases the risk of arc faults and provides unparalleled onsite operative protection.


Limit interruptions to operations

Eaton’s new advanced digital MCCB platform enables remote monitoring and diagnosis capabilities to manage breaker health and ultimately, reduce system downtime. An integrated lifespan indicator ensures timely replacement of the device through predictive maintenance. With Power Xpert Release (PXR) trip unit technology, technicians can interact with the trip unit remotely from any laptop, using a USB connection.

Additionally, Zone Selectivity Interlocking (ZSI) goes beyond time selectivity and current selectivity to ensure faults are isolated instantaneously, right where they occur. By guaranteeing tripping the breaker closest to the fault, the ZSI function limits the effects of an overload and minimises interruptions to operations. Combining ZSI, predictive maintenance and remote diagnosis features reduces system downtime and enables quick, simple maintenance.


IoT ready

This market-leading circuit breaker is Industry 4.0 enabled via onboard communication, improving data and information processing. As IoT enables a shift to building digitisation, this advanced digital MCCB helps building operators and end users, from facilities managers to onsite engineers, to maximise a building’s life and simplify its management.


Simple installation, maintenance and testing

With integrated functions instead of extra components, Eaton’s advanced digital MCCB is quick and simple to install, reducing onsite costs. It is 100% compatible with existing Eaton systems, making it easy to retrofit. Additionally, this digital MCCB can be used with Eaton’s Power Xpert Release Manager Software (PXPM) to visualise circuit breaker data, set breaker parameters, and test breakers’ tripping functionality via an integrated test function.

“Circuit breakers play a critical role in ensuring business continuity and increasing safety for operatives,” said Neil Potter, Lead Specification Manager at Eaton. “Yet advanced circuit breakers, like our intelligent digital NZM, are designed to do much more than protect people and facilities. This new IoT-ready series can be integrated into a building system’s information flow to enhance the availability of electrical systems, enable efficient energy management, lower maintenance costs and reduce downtime. This next generation of circuit protection acts as a one-stop-shop package to enable the evolution of today’s buildings as the IoT and energy transition reshape building infrastructure in the UK.”

To learn more about Eaton’s new digital MCCB and how it can save time and money while futureproofing buildings for an IoT-connected, carbon neutral future, register here to attend or receive a recording of our upcoming webinars.