Ecodesk & LGC ASSURE launch ESG LEAD to drive continuous improvement & greater transparency in supply chains


Sustainability data expert Ecodesk, has teamed up with supply chain assurance leaders LGC ASSURE to launch a ground-breaking continuous improvement platform called ESG LEAD.

ESG LEAD combines Ecodesk’s 15 years of experience in using technology to deliver ESG reporting to some of the largest brands around the world with advice on best practices from the leading supply chain assurance specialists and practitioners.

ESG LEAD has been developed to not just report on ESG progress and status but to also drive genuine improvements within their operations.

ESG LEAD uniquely provides users with insight to measure, manage and improve the performance of their own business and each individual manufacturing site in their supply chain.

The platform makes it simple and cost-effective for the supply chain to learn, evaluate, advance and disclose ESG performance. Unlike other platforms or ESG rating systems, ESG LEAD provides critical insight and actionable data, enabling suppliers to drive change and improve ESG performance within their organisations and supply chain networks.

Commenting on the launch, Damien Smith CEO of Ecodesk, said: “In 2021 there was continued discussion about how best organisations and economies could achieve the targets needed to reach net 1.5. This is undoubtedly the most pressing objective in any ESG strategy, but organisations and governments must not lose sight of the broader responsibilities they have; whether that be fair employment practices or broader social and environmental impacts.”

“We believe it is now the time to stop discussing and for organisations to be enabled to take tangible and meaningful steps towards improving their ESG impact however we know it can be costly, time-consuming, and require very specific expertise.

That is why Ecodesk has created ESG LEAD in conjunction with LGC ASSURE.” 

Mike Wilson, Senior Vice President LGC ASSURE, said: “ESG LEAD has been developed in response to the growing recognition by global brands and retailers of firstly the importance of business performance, particularly where issues like sustainability and resilience are involved, and secondly, the shortcomings and limitations of existing solutions in addressing these issues.

LGC ASSURE is a leading provider of assurance services aimed at improving consumer protection and driving brand reputation. By focusing on the 3 pillars of sustainability, People; Profit and Planet, the platform helps suppliers reach their ESG targets with confidence by driving improvement at scale.”

How it works

  • Learn – Upload data to measure current performance
  • Evaluate – View current performance, identify areas to target, and accelerate improvement to close the gaps. Comparison with peers
  • Advance – Access tailored action plans based on the systems 90+ best practices to drive improvements
  • Disclose – share ESG metrics with customers to demonstrate your performance

Improvements at scale: connect with suppliers to submit their data to enable the measurement of ESG impact across the entire supply chain.

The Benefits of ESG LEAD

  • Learn about the importance of business performance as it relates to sustainability and resilience;
  • Measure current performance against a template of “what good looks like”
  • Advance performance through continuous improvement and;
  • Report status and, more importantly progress with interested stakeholders.

We have recognised that your upstream supply chain provides the biggest opportunity for innovation and action to help organisations achieve their environmental goals and continuous ESG improvement. ESG LEAD provides suppliers with free access to the Learn functions on the platform, to understand which best practices would be most appropriate for their own ESG needs. ​Suppliers can then put together a meaningful and relevant action plan, aligned to their own ESG targets and goals. ​As the supplier advances with their action plan, they can disclose their improvements with their clients​.

In the first instance ESG LEAD has been developed with LGC ASSURE and contains best practices specifically designed to support the food manufacturing sector. We are now building upon this base and developing content across other major sectors.

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