Edge analytics innovator to demonstrate new hyperautomation solution at SPS


To remain competitive in a relentlessly evolving industry, companies must automate their facilities. In fact, by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes, Gartner predicts that by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30 per cent.

The IPA edition equips businesses with the power to integrate and automate workflows for every system in their plant. Designed to deliver real-time intelligent workflows with streaming analytics and advanced logic, IPA is powered by a library of modules as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver an advanced analytics platform. A truly hybrid solution, the platform can run intelligent workflows anywhere. This could be at the edge, on-premise in a private Cloud or hosted by Crosser.

Visitors of SPS can learn how IPA can support their organization, where Crosser will preview live demonstrations of the technology. This will accompany further demonstrations covering how to design, test and deploy a ML project for industrial applications in a matter of minutes.

“Crosser strives to fight complexity with simplicity — and this will be evident at our exhibition at SPS,” said CEO and co-founder, Martin Thunman. “Automating an entire facility can be a complex task and manufacturers can feel consumed by data, where to store it and how to analyze it. Usually, many resort to hiring specialist IT staff as a result. IPA uses visual drag-and-drop flows, making it simple enough for non-developers to build intelligent workflows without specialist skills.

“The market for hyperautomation software already has a number of vendors, but when Crosser looked closer, we found no solution that was purpose built to meet the needs of industrial and asset-rich organizations,” continued Thunman. “We believe the Crosser Platform with the IPA edition fills a gap in the market, and will help manufacturing companies overcome their data challenges, whether they have access to in-house software developers or not.

Thunman, who has over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector, will be on hand throughout the show to deliver a wealth of insight into the challenges and benefits of integrating edge analytics into IIoT applications.

“Corporate IT and manufacturing IT are often bottlenecks in the digitalization journey, and at Crosser we work hard to develop solutions that lower the complexity bar so in-house innovation can accelerate. Besides this, industry wide digital transformation has become slow because most vendors in automation have tried to gain competitive advantage by promoting proprietary technologies. This has made it challenging to connect all equipment, top floor and shop floor systems in order to become more digital,” explained Thunman.

“I co-founded Crosser with the realization that low-code, edge analytics, automation and integration software will play a critical role in accelerating the digital transformation journey of industrial and asset rich organizations. One of our ambitions is the concept of self-service to overcome IoT challenges — we believe in the power of existing teams. And this is exactly what IPA facilitates.”

Crosser will be at SPS from 23 – 25 November, 2021 at hall 5, stand 244. To book a meeting with Crosser CEO, Martin Thunman, please contact [email protected]. Alternatively, visit crosser.io to find out more about Crosser’s edge analytics solutions.