Effective RFID Solution to save Fuel on the High Seas


The company NOVATUG, which is part of the private owned towage and salvage company Multraship, has developed an innovative harbour tug together with international partners and has since built two of them, both of which are used by Multraship. The innovative tug named CARROUSEL RAVE TUG (CRT) offers an effective solution to the current challenges in maritime shipping.

Initial Situation:

The company NOVATUG wanted to measure and evaluate fuel consumption on its specially developed harbour tugs.
The measurement had to be carried out every 6 degrees directly on the carousel. This solution had to meet the following requirements:

– Contactless Identification of the Tags
– Water and Dirt-proof Function of the RFID Devices
– Real-Time Transfer of Data to the Captain’s Monitor

Project Definition:

Elincom relies on the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX CX LR 1CH and the MR Antenna to ensure fast and accurate identification.
Due to the special IP67 Protection Class, the devices are water- and dirt-proof and are particularly suitable for this situation.


On the inside of the carousel there are 60 UHF RFID tags mounted, every 6 degrees one, with the BLUEBOX CX LR 1CH and the corresponding MR Antenna the tags are read.
The BLUEBOX CX LR 1CH is mounted in the technical cabin on the ship. The MR Antenna is mounted outside in a specially designed antenna hole.
The tag IDs are read by the on-board management software via PROFIBUS and referenced to a corresponding angle, which is graphically displayed to the skipper
and sent to a remote backend server to combine the towing angle information with other information such as fuel consumption.

In this way, fuel savings can be monitored on the CARROUSEL RAVE TUG.

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