Elemica Acquires EMNS, a Leading Material Quality Compliance Provider


Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for the process industries, today announced the completion of the acquisition of EMNS, the leading material quality compliance company.

This brings together a world leader in global supplier quality assurance (GSQA) for inbound and outbound materials and finished goods quality, with the leading global Digital Supply Network of Elemica. With this unification, clients of both companies will realize improved efficiencies around supplier quality compliance and increased speed of execution across their global supply chains.

The combination will be of particular importance to companies in the following industry verticals including Chemicals, Plastics, Food, Consumer Products, Distribution, and Beverage. Benefits to these types of companies will include:

  • Using Certificate of Analysis (COA) to manage inbound and outbound material quality across supply chains.
  • Measuring supplier quality by monitoring and reacting to changing regulatory needs.
  • Simplifying supply chain traceability and transparency.
  • Easily track ongoing supplier audits and certifications to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Streamlining supplier data collection to drive operational efficiency.


“Elemica will offer the EMNS solutions as a dedicated set of product offerings within the Elemica BUY and SELL solution suites,” said John Blyzinskyj, chief executive officer of Elemica. “The EMNS products will bring value and ease of use to clients who need to adhere to regulatory product quality compliance standards and employ this as a key part of their competitive market advantage. This set of solutions also significantly helps corporate initiatives around the digital transformation of global supply chains.”

“Elemica delivers a next generation Digital Supply Network that is tailored to the process manufacturing industry and it has specialized around this set of industries for almost 20 years. The increasing demand for specialized solutions for quality assurance and regulatory compliance allows Elemica to mitigate supply chain risks for the products our clients buy, sell, and move through their supply chains,” said Bill Benda, CEO of EMNS.

Based in Downers Grove, Illinois, EMNS’s GSQA supports global and regional manufacturers’ operations, procurement and quality departments with their regulatory compliance requirements. http://gsqa.com/

The acquisition closed today, and the terms are not being disclosed.