Elemica Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary as a Supply Chain Network Pioneer


Elemica, the leading cloud-based Digital Supply Network for global manufacturing industries, celebrates twenty years of doing business. The company is one of the few original pioneers in supply chain networks that is still around today. The company has significantly changed since inception – moving from a chemical industry focus to providing next-gen supply chain solutions centered on a robust Digital Network across all global manufacturing industries. Today the company processes over $600 billion in commerce annually through its network, automating the buy, sell, move, and quality transactions to accelerate digital transformation.

“We want to thank our hard-working employees and exemplary customers for their dedication to our success for the past twenty years, and we look forward to another twenty years of delivering valuable solutions to clients,” said Rich Katz, CEO of Elemica.

In 2000, the world’s leading chemical companies created Elemica as a way to simplify doing business with each other by automating buying, selling, and logistical transactions over a private network. In that time, twenty companies were on the network. Through the years thousands more companies joined the network, including suppliers, buyers, and logistics providers, and the world’s leading chemical, consumer goods, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive businesses.

“To remain competitive, companies must transform their supply chains to focus on the customer by quickly responding to demand and the customer experience,” says industry analyst Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM. “The next wave of supply chain innovation will come from enabling ‘the network effect’ in supply chain and logistics. Network-based platforms like Elemica are the business equivalent of Facebook and LinkedIn, enabling large communities of trading partners to communicate, collaborate, and execute supply chain processes in more efficient, scalable, and innovative ways.”

As cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service apps became more popular, Elemica re-built the network to focus more on what matters for clients, creating a successful and collaborative partnership between trading partners that adds real value over the long term. The new supply chain architecture is a multi-tier business-to-business network that provides reliable secure connections and communications with all trading partners: suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers. The new platform makes it easier to add trading partners to the network and to bring visibility end-to-end, helping businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Over the years, Elemica has introduced game-changing solutions to automate the Buying, Selling, Moving, Quality, and Seeing transactions that drive value through the supply chain, along with:

  • Elemica ENRICH is a flexible self-service network data management tool that works across a company’s partner base to improve data quality issues by cross-referencing products and location identifiers.
  • IoT, Smart Contract, and Data Science Enabled Network – allowing the network to handle discrete data from many sources, execute on public or permissioned blockchains, and making it ideal for machine learning services.
  • Digitization Spanning all Order Channels – new innovations in network and integration management allow companies to meet every trading partner wherever they are on their digitization journey, allowing a client to receive accurate and validated order and shipment details automatically into their ERP and TMS systems. No costly integrations, rapid on-boarding and ability to scale are the benefited results.
  • Elemica Pulse is an end-to-end supply chain visibility and monitoring solution for enterprise and service provider networks that discovers physical and virtual inventories and logical overlays. Pulse is tightly coupled with the Elemica Trace and Risk Management solution for real-time shipment and order tracking with integrated supply chain risk assessment.