Elemica Introduces Customer Portal Assistant with Self-Service Data Management


Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, introduces Elemica Customer Portal Assistant that includes a self- service data management solution.

Many Elemica clients have been asked by their customers to go to leading customer ordering portal solutions to look for new orders or enter invoices.  This requires customer service to manually log into the portals for orders and invoices, review, and then re-key orders, invoices, confirmations, and ship notices into their ERP solution.  This is an ongoing cycle that wastes time, is costly, and error-prone.

“All of that changes with the new Customer Portal Assistant (CPA),” says Rich Katz, President of Elemica. “Suppliers can easily connect to the leading customer ordering portal solution providers or customer-specific portal networks and automate their order-to-cash process with their ERP. The CPA integration is quick, efficient, and cost-effective.”

By connecting once to the Elemica Network and using the CPA, companies automatically have back-end ERP integration and access to the industry portals or customer-specific portal network of their customers.

Included is Elemica ENRICH, an inter-company data management self-service solution that ensures compliance as orders are automatically created in the customer service order-entry ERP solution. Improving the accuracy of orders is accomplished by cross-referencing and converting product, unit of measures, and location identifiers to supplier values resolving discrepancies.  Elemica CPA with ENRICH eliminates the need for IT to maintain multiple, costly interfaces for each trading partner.

“Customer Service Representatives no longer have to learn how to access all the myriad of customer ordering portals their customers use to send orders,” states Gary Neights, Senior Director of Product Management.  “Customer Portal Assistant with ENRICH automatically cross-references and loads the orders into their order-entry ERP solution, improving customer service and saving time and money.”