Elemica Introduces New Benefits to its Digital Supply Network and Supply Chain Solutions for Improving Customer Experience and Digitization


Brings Improvements in Efficiencies, Productivity and Value Across Supply Chains

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, has added extensive features to its digital supply network and software solutions to improve customer experience, analytics and collaboration capabilities.

“Elemica continues to drive innovation in their digital supply network and supply chain applications to bring improvements in efficiency and productivity across the supply chains of our customers,” said Arun Samuga, CTO at Elemica. “We continually strive to drive value for clients by bringing greater efficiencies to their organizations through improved collaboration and lower supply chain spend.”

The Elemica Digital Supply Network has enhanced the process of buying, selling and moving of products between trading partners within its supply chain solutions. Elemica BUY QuickLink Email P2P now can attach documents that are relative to a networked outbound purchase order. Email security is improved on the automated orders and invoices can now be auto-generated after a shipment occurs from the supplier, based on the original order and actual shipment details.

Elemica MOVE QuickLink Email Logistics has updated the proof of delivery module to include milestone tracking so users can update status and see shipments as they travel from point-to-point, such as from dock door for pick-ups or multiple drop-offs.

The end-to-end visibility solutions from raw materials through delivery to end customers, Elemica SEE, has been enhanced. There are more advanced analytics for logistics within the Trace application to improve the predictability associated with risk. These include the ability to monitor on-time shipment performance, map in-route conditions, and monitor late versus on-time shipment percentages for improvement of carriers and shipment operations.

The Elemica Platform was also updated to provide enhanced alerting for Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) scheduling, so companies never run out of inventory. Real-time integration and streaming from IoT devices are added to improve real-time track and trace. Finally, as Elemica continues to drive innovation within their products, the company is working on a Blockchain pilot with a long-time customer.