Enva achieves double FORS accreditation and greater fleet visibility with TruTac


Enva England has dramatically reduced its fleet admin, boosted visibility and achieved two FORS accreditations in a matter of months since adopting TruTac’s full software suite.

The firm specialises in waste and recycling management and operates a fleet of circa 75 vehicles – majority HGVs – many of which transport waste to and from recycling facilities.

Enva England moved to utilising TruTac’s software in March 2022 after seeking a new system to reduce the amount of admin necessitated by its previous provider. They now use TruTac’s full online suite of fleet management and compliance software, comprising TruLicence, TruControl, TruChecks, TruFleet, and TruLinks.

“We were using another fleet software system which wasn’t quite doing what we required,” explains John Stephenson, Enva England’s Fleet Manager, “particularly with our FORS accreditation journey in mind, so I started researching alternatives.”

“I researched TruTac and found it wasn’t anywhere near as demanding in terms of admin. It ticks all of our boxes and works fantastically for us.”

The combination of John’s research and TruTac’s products and customer service were instrumental in Enva England achieving FORS Bronze status in July 2022 – just four months after the switch. It then topped that four months later in November, when it was awarded FORS Silver status.

“We hit the ground running with the software and found that the accreditation was something we could get done reasonably quickly” says John. “It’s a credit to TruTac and shows how useful and easy to use it really is.”

According to John, the integrated modules, with seamless data flow and the visibility for jobs in the workshop are among the software’s biggest perks for a busy HGV fleet. As it minimises admin by removing duplicate data in multiple different systems.

“The planner system on TruFleet is a winner for me” he explains. “It’s dead easy to work with, gives you your calendar, shows you which vehicles are due for inspection and the ones that need repairs.”

“One of the other things we like about the systems is that they talk to one another. Any time a driver raises a defect via the TruChecks walkaround app, we can plan that into our workshop via the calendar on TruFleet, so everyone can see what’s going on.

“It’s quite rare to have that degree of visibility with a fleet management system, it’s exactly what we want and reduces our workload. Any kind of documentation to do with a vehicle or a job is just there at the click of a button, and it certainly assists with our fleet and driver compliance.”

“I highly recommend the TruTac software for fleet and workshop management as this is the one-stop shop for all fleet management needs, regardless of the size of the fleet.”

To learn more about TruTac products and how they can improve compliance and save time, contact TruTac on 024 7669 0000 or email [email protected]