Establishing efficiency and adding value for all parties


The BEUMER fillpac FFS is a form-fill-seal system that fulfills three functions in one compact and space-saving system. It forms bags from a prefabricated tubular PE film, fills them with the corresponding product and seals the bags at a capacity of 2,000 bags per hour.

The BEUMER Paletpac is best suited for bulk material. It is incorporated into high performance packaging lines for gentle and efficient processing sensitive and valuable products as well as products with special flow characteristics. BEUMER Group was also given the task of supplying and installing the BEUMER Stretch Hood A, a high-performance packaging system at this complex. This machine allows for accurate stacking of packaged items on pallets, allowing for successful transport to the downstream packaging system. It covers the palletised goods with a highly stretchable film. During transshipment and outside storage, the merchandise is protected reliably against environmental influences such as sunlight, dirt and humidity.

The electric power and energy industries in Vietnam are booming and so is the petrochemical industry. The country is therefore becoming an important location for developing the petrochemical complex. LONG SON PETROCHEMICALS COMPANY LIMITED (LSP) will be the first integrated petrochemical complex in the South of Vietnam.

The petrochemical industry requires full attention 24/7, and even the smallest disruption can have far-reaching consequences on profits, reputations and brands. A reliable partner understands its customers’ products and processes inside out and knows how to responsibly handle sensitive, valuable materials. We are happy to take up these challenges, which require innovative thinking and precision engineering.

The project is expected to install in 2020. The aim of this project is to increase the efficiency of the petrochemical complex and guarantee a high level of plant availability as well as create added value for the country.