Everledger & Temera announce strategic partnership


Future-focused brands in the apparel and luxury sectors can now harness blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) to demonstrate their green commitments and unite customers around a shared passion, thanks to a new partnership between two pioneers in these emerging fields of technology.

Everledger, the digital transparency company, and Temera, leader in Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the fashion industry, have today announced their strategic collaboration to service the apparel and luxury sectors. This ground-breaking partnership will further the adoption of easy-to-experience, seamless technology and accelerate the journey to more circular and sustainable fashion. Tuscany-based Temera brings nearly two decades of fashion industry experience, while Everledger’s traceability and customer experience suite of solutions has earned a global reputation for delivery since 2015.

The first collaboration between these two companies has contributed to MCQ, a new fashion label that was launched last week by Alexander McQueen. Under the leadership of MCQ, Everledger developed the tech integration throughout the brand’s conceptualisation, products and online consumer experience. Temera has worked on the NFC chips that fuse the physical clothes with their digital twins, which are then recorded on the Everledger blockchain platform for ultimate data security.

MCQ has designed the unique MYMCQ concept, a blockchain-powered tech platform implemented by Everledger enabling designers and consumers to securely register and trade items of clothing designed by a hand-picked selection of designers. MYMCQ will also be the focus point for a community of like-minded individuals, who share an interest in the label. Everledger’s technology enables the creation of a secure and permanent digital record of each clothing item on the blockchain.

Besides the extra security of the technology, consumers will enjoy an improved user experience, as the entire life cycle for each garment is available online, from when and where it was designed, to the first purchase, and even resale. Consumers can be confident they’re purchasing authentic items, regardless of whether they’re being sold directly from MCQ or peer-to-peer, helping to combat counterfeit luxury goods. By enabling the easy resale of items between consumers, MCQ hopes to encourage a more mindful consumerism.

For this partnership, Temera are managing the NFC tags that enable each unique garment to be recorded digitally and house its digital twin online on MYMCQ. Temera has also integrated its software with the Everledger platform, which enables events related to each individual item’s history and associated data to be recorded seamlessly on the immutable ledger. Temera stands out for its specialist know-how, gained in response to a strong need to solve issues related to optimisation of logistics and production processes in the fashion industry, which include anti-counterfeiting, grey/parallel market control, and increasingly pervasive and loyal experiences to the customer.

Calogero Scibetta, who leads the projects for the luxury and fashion industries for Everledger, said: “This strategic partnership encapsulates the key values for each organisation, around pioneerism, transparency and openness, and decentralisation. We were honoured to be approached by MCQ and support them in their vision to take the fashion industry to the next stage, integrating cutting-edge technology to centuries-old craft. MCQ has pushed the use case for their consumers further and further, and having a fantastic partner like Temera has enabled us to have such an incredible launch in a very short amount of time.”

Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO of Temera, said: “In the fashion ecosystem, non-digital certifications are complex and expensive, while supplier monitoring systems are inadequate to meet the ever-increasing need for transparency. Thanks to the partnership with Everledger, we are able to increase consumers’ confidence in the brand, making a full history easily available and shareable. With the combined use of NFC and blockchain technology, now brands can bring to light second hand market re-selling activities, fueling the need for sustainability by new generations of consumers thanks to the enablement of a circular economy.”

Leanne Kemp, Everledger’s founder and CEO, saluted this important launch: “It is not every day that we see the birth of a brand, let alone one that connects two worlds: fashion and technology. MYMCQ is an outstanding achievement by the visionaries at MCQ and a very dedicated group of people that turned that future into reality. We’re honoured to be part of a project that will change the fashion industry forever, and for the better. More circular, more sustainable, more connected with their end consumers. I’m looking forward to building ever more simple and scalable solutions for the apparel industry.”