Feintool orders automated narrow-aisle warehouse from Jungheinrich


Feintool System Parts Obertshausen GmbH, a specialist in highly sophisticated components in the automotive industry for conventional and hybrid drives, has commissioned Jungheinrich to build an automated narrow-aisle warehouse at its facility in Obertshausen.

The warehouse capacity totals 3,456 rack storage locations for pallets. The shelving system in the 42 metre-long warehouse has a maximum height of 11.95 metres. Both incoming and outgoing goods are moved via conveyor systems. At the heart of the facility are the two automated Jungheinrich EKX 516a high-rack stackers. Both trucks are equipped with a swivelling fork. The EKX 516a is based on Jungheinrich’s proven EKX tri-lateral stacker with a load capacity of up to 1,600 kg, which has been modified with automation components.

Using inductive steering in combination with RFID transponders, the trucks can position themselves precisely at the storage location and automatically switch between the four lanes in the warehouse. Control of the automated processes will be taken over by Jungheinrich’s Warehouse Control System (WCS). The EKX 516a is especially energy efficient thanks to its 80-volt synchronous reluctance motor.

Jungheinrich’s patented regenerative braking and lowering also contributes to maximum energy recovery. Through the integration of an on-board charger, and busbar and current collector equipment, the trucks can operate in the warehouse continuously.

Steve Richmond, Director of Logistics Systems at Jungheinrich comments: “We’re delighted to be working with Feintool System Parts to build its automated narrow-aisle warehouse. The integration of automation within a warehouse system is becoming increasingly important to improve supply chain efficiency and the incorporation of a seamlessly connected solution through Jungheinrich’s Warehouse Control System will deliver a highly effective, energy efficient and optimised warehouse.”