Fits like a tailor-made suit


With “tailor-made solutions”, BEUMER Group offers intralogistics solutions that are adapted to the customer’s needs across all industries. To achieve this, the system provider has set up a team of experienced specialists. Their task: They conduct feasibility studies, create and evaluate various concepts, manage projects from engineering and design through assembly and commissioning to inspection and then provide customer support. The customer gets the optimum solution from one source.

Effective intralogistics are becoming an increasingly decisive competitive factor for companies from various sectors. They are increasingly relying on automated systems, for example to be able to react to a greater variety of products and packages. But what happens when the standard range or the portfolio of an established provider does not meet the special requirements of the customer? “In order to provide our users with maximum support, it is important for us as a system provider to consider a few critical success factors”, says Peter Schmidt of BEUMER Group. BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution. Small and medium-sized companies in particular must be able to adapt their production flexibly to continuously changing handling and storage requirements. “A reason is for example the increasing variety of options”, says the engineer knowledgeable of customer requirements. “In addition, there are poorly stackable or non-stackable as well as geometrically different containers.” Effective investment planning requires a high level of consulting and problem-solving competence on the part of the providers already during the concept and offer phase. This includes subjects as emulation and simulation. In addition, Schmidt is convinced that it is important to avoid, as much as possible, interfaces along the logistics value chain. Customers also expect scalable solutions as well as maximum availability and the highest possible reliability of their systems. This requires reliable and robust technology as well as 24/7 customer support.


For maximum productivity

In order to meet these success factors and maximise the productivity of the customers, BEUMER Group’s “BEUMER tailor-made solutions” now provides customised and highly developed systems for nearly every industry. “At this regard, we have put together a team of specialists who have extensive experience with tasks related to internal transport and material handling”, explains Schmidt. The team acts largely independently within the group.

“Compared to off-the-shelf solutions, our systems are customer- and application-specific and require a higher effort of course”, explains Schmidt. “Especially during the concept and offer phase.” The team takes over all detailed process and data analysis as well as material flow simulations. It is not unusual that additional engineering and development tasks are added for special solutions and the manufacture of prototypes.


In addition: Safe integration of third-party solutions

Efficient project management is very important for all projects. This ensures that upstream and downstream process steps can be safely integrated, also in case of highly complex tasks or intralogistics systems – sometimes with a significant proportion of components from third-party suppliers. In addition, there is the integration of superordinated IT solutions provided by the customer such as production control systems or ERP systems. The team takes over all tasks, from classical integration to the handling of turnkey projects. “Already during the first year we were able to successfully conclude high-profile projects with market leaders from the health industry, the paper industry, the building services engineering and the metal industry”, sums up Schmidt.

Why do customers choose “BEUMER tailor-made solutions”? Decision criteria for this included the years of experiences as a general contractor and supplier of comprehensive customer and user-specific solutions. In addition, the system supplier has ample expertise in a variety of industries and the know-how to integrate products and subsystems of other manufacturers. For all projects, BEUMER Group has access to a comprehensive portfolio along the logistics value chain: from engineering and design through automation, production, installation and commissioning to project management – and customer support. “With our group companies and sales agencies we have a world-wide setup”, says Schmidt. “This way our technicians can promptly respond – from hotline service to tailor-made service contracts up to the residential service.