Fleet Response Adopts Cyren Inbox Security for Defense in Depth Against Phishing


Fleet Response is a specialty Third Party Administrator (TPA) providing custom claims management, driver risk monitoring programs, and other high-value services to specialty insurers and corporations that self-insure vehicle fleets. Built from an insurance background, they are experts in understanding and managing risks.

It is their ability to properly assess and address risks that drives the IT team at Fleet Response to proactively evaluate and improve their security posture rather than wait for negative incidents to trigger change. After evaluating Microsoft Office 365 and enabling the security features provided with its top tier subscription, Fleet Response realized their legacy secure email gateway (SEG) was redundant and detecting the same threats as Microsoft. What’s more, the SEG required constant administration to add and update an ever-growing ruleset. On the recommendation from their trusted IT services partner, they evaluated Cyren Inbox Security to complement Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

“We implemented defense in depth, but phishing attacks still evaded detection. We were able to quickly respond to those attacks but doing so consumed a lot of the IT team’s time,” said Michael Miller, Director of Information Technology at Fleet Response. “Cyren Inbox Security paid for itself within a few months by eliminating the time we spend responding to phishing incidents, no longer administering a third party SEG, and reducing the risks of organizational and reputational damage.”

Cyren Inbox Security and the Cyren Incident Response Service not only provides necessary detection and remediation of evasive email threats, but it also helps Fleet Response engage users in spotting malicious emails without burdening the IT team. With a combination of Cyren Inbox Security, user security awareness training, and the security capabilities of Microsoft 365, Fleet Response has a cost-effective defense in depth architecture to protect its employees’ mailboxes.

“All organizations face a constant barrage of email-based attacks,” said Lior Kohavi, Chief Strategy Officer & EVP Advanced Solutions at Cyren. “Businesses can address the problem with highly complex technologies and processes that require a staggering amount of manual effort, or, like Fleet Response, they can save money by adopting Cyren Inbox Security to automate the detection and remediation of targeted attacks like phishing and business email compromise.”


To learn more about Cyren Inbox Security, please visit the Cyren website.