Flexi Trucks are always in fashion at fabric specialist Jerseytex’s storage facility


Manufacturer, importer and supplier of high-quality fabrics to the fashion industry, Jerseytex Ltd, has developed a new very narrow aisle high-density storage solution at its Midlands warehouse facility based on Flexi Truck articulated VNA forklift technology from Narrow Aisle Ltd.

A long-standing Flexi Truck user, Jerseytex has operated Flexi Truck VNA trucks at its site in Tipton for the past two decades.

“We bought our first Flexi Truck nearly 20 years ago and have used them ever since, so we had no hesitation in turning to Narrow Aisle when we needed a new materials handling solution to support the continued growth of our business,” said Jerseytex owner and managing director, Pritpal Singh Sidhu.

“We have proved that Flexi Truck technology represents the most efficient and cost-effective materials handling solution for us. The Flexi Truck’s design allows us to save valuable space when operating and is generally far more efficient than traditional ‘reach’-type trucks,” he added.

John Maguire, managing director of Narrow Aisle Ltd, commented: “Flexi Truck products are renowned the world over for their reliability and build quality. Jerseytex has long realised the space and throughput efficiency benefits that Flexi Truck technology brings and we are delighted to have such a long and successful relationship with the company and their team at Tipton.”

Jerseytex uses its Flexis to support the unloading of textile rolls from incoming vehicles before delivering the fabrics directly to the new bespoke VNA racking scheme within its Midlands storage facility. By unloading incoming vehicles and delivering loads directly to the storage system, the Flexi Trucks eliminate ‘double handling’ which allows more product to be transferred in less time. As a result, Jerseytex is able to minimise its materials handling costs and speed-up operational throughput, with fewer forklift trucks in its fleet.

More than 10,000 Flexi Trucks are in operation at logistics sites across the world and there are models in the Flexi Truck VNA Digital range to suit every product type and warehouse size.