FourKites Announces Q4 Premier Carrier List


FourKites®, the world’s leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, today published its global Premier Carrier List (PCL) for the fourth quarter of 2021. FourKites’ 12th consecutive quarterly list showcases the growing community of brokers, carriers and 3PLs worldwide who are achieving the highest standards of visibility-related operational excellence across all modes of transport.

Highlights from FourKites’ Q4 2021 Premier Carrier List include:

  • Nearly 400 carriers made the list in Q4, with particularly strong growth among European carriers, which now comprise nearly 20% of the list.
  • The total number of loads transported by PCL carriers on the FourKites platform grew over 10% from Q3 to Q4, to almost 4,000,000 across all industries.
  • More than half of FourKites’ Q4 PCL-certified carriers are registered as partners in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay® program. SmartWay helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking and improving freight transportation efficiencies.

“Qualifying for FourKites’ Premier Carrier List is an important distinction as supply chain leaders increasingly look to visibility technologies to help them manage through ongoing disruptions and volatility,” said Jason Eversole, Vice President of Carrier Operations at FourKites. “We’re pleased to see continued growth in qualified carriers, particularly in EMEA this last quarter.”

To qualify for the PCL, carriers must demonstrate an ability to provide high-quality, consistent and accurate data on the vast majority of their loads, thereby enabling their shipper customers and other ecosystem partners to streamline operations, increase the speed of shipping dock turn times, reduce inventory levels and optimize labor costs.

Premier Carriers speak to program benefits:

“Supply chain visibility benefits our workers, our customers and our carrier partners. It has always been critical to our business, but as the pandemic grew, visibility became essential for warehouses to pivot shipping and receiving schedules to limit the exposure risks to workers and drivers. The value
for our customers is real-time visibility into where their freight is at any time throughout the transit. And the value for our carriers is our commitment to get them connected with their existing technologies so we can work together to provide prominent levels of quality service.”

-Wilson Kang, Manager of Truckload Support, GlobalTranz

Van den Bosch is always on the lookout for new opportunities to make its supply chain more efficient and sustainable. Fueled by data, insights and knowledge, innovation and digitalization are key drivers. The qualification for Premier Carrier is a nice recognition and confirmation of our position as the supply changer in bulk.”

-Marrit Hopmans, Data & Applications Manager, Van den Bosch

“We’re proud to be recognized as a FourKites Premier Carrier because it reinforces our promise to provide unparalleled customer service. We’re dedicated to delivering real-time visibility and tracking updates that matter most. It’s also why our customers consider us their logistics partner, not just their provider.”

-Peter Coratola, Jr., CEO, EASE Logistics

“FourKites has become essential for our business communication. A.N. Webber Logistics takes great pride in being named a FourKites Premier Carrier. This recognition is the culmination of all the hard work our team has done for its carriers and customers. It shows our commitment to the success of our business partners.”

-Matthew Schore, Director of Business Development, A.N. Webber Logistics Inc.

A public-facing version of the Premier Carrier List is available here, where users can access and search the list according to carrier capabilities, transportation modes, geographies serviced and other relevant criteria. In addition, users can view carriers that are registered partners in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay® program.