FourKites Releases Integrated Dynamic Yard Offering


FourKites®, the #1 real-time supply chain visibility platform, today introduced Dynamic YardSM, creating a new category of software that gives enterprises the ability to proactively manage all of their facilities based on real-time in-transit and in-yard freight data and analytics. By connecting traditional, siloed yard management software with FourKites real-time supply chain data and predictive ETAs, enterprises can significantly reduce detention and demurrage costs and optimize operations throughout their facilities company-wide.

FourKites’ breakthrough yard management solution, Dynamic Yard is the result of the integration of yard, dock and gate control products acquired from TrackX, with the industry’s largest and most trusted supply chain visibility platform. By infusing yard management software with in-transit predictive visibility and analytics, every aspect of yard operations can now be managed proactively – from appointment and dock scheduling to gate operations and spotter tasking. Armed with the ability to anticipate bottlenecks based on predictive ETAs, facility managers can accelerate gate-in and gate-out processes, shorten on-site time for drivers and optimize inventory across multiple sites, thereby reducing dwell times and increasing operating margins.

In a recent report, Gartner highlighted the need for greater visibility and automation in yard operations: “Often, the yard operations operate in a very manual and non-technology-driven way. The need for more automation and digitization caused by the recent disruptions and concerns around social distancing has created more visibility of the gaps that exist in many yard operations.”1

Dynamic Yard builds on the success of the TrackX YMS, which has already driven success in deployments with a number of FourKites’ Global 1000 shippers, including Tyson Foods, DHL and GE Appliances. Major product features and capabilities of FourKites’ Dynamic Yard include:

  • Hardware-agnostic, with seamless integration with a large variety of systems, including ERP/TMS, WMS, ELD, GPS and telematics

  • Highly scalable to support a wide range of facilities, from the smallest up to multiple enterprise locations

  • Multi-site visibility via a single, centralized control panel

  • Deep integration with FourKites carrier products to ensure continuous communication and optimization with carrier partners


“We are thrilled to be able to offer Dynamic Yard to facility managers across the globe,” said FourKites Chief Product Officer Priya Rajagopalan. “It is FourKites’ mission to shed light where the supply chain has historically been forced to do business in the dark. The latest testament to the power of our customer-driven innovation, Dynamic Yard extends the power of real-time freight visibility into new territory for the first time.”

To learn more about what differentiates Dynamic Yard from traditional yard management platforms, register for FourKites’ upcoming webinar, “YMS Disrupted: Why YMS + Real-time Tracking Is Critical for Today’s Agile Supply Chains,” on Wednesday, August 5, which will be moderated by Bart De Muynck, Vice President of Research at Gartner.