FRAYT Announces Preferred Driver Program for Shippers


FRAYT, a leading online last mile delivery technology that connects shippers with a vast marketplace of over 15,000 owner-operator drivers and vehicles, proudly announces the launch of its “Preferred Driver Program.” The program revolutionizes the shipping process by empowering shippers to select a specific driver for their needs, a first in the industry.

The “Preferred Driver Program” is designed to enhance the shipping experience for FRAYT’s customers, enabling them to choose their driver from our expansive marketplace. This unprecedented level of choice increases the comfort and confidence of our shippers and allows for the development of trusted, long-term relationships between shippers and drivers.

“We are excited to bring a new level of personalization and convenience to our shippers,” said Jim Waters, Vice President at FRAYT. “The Preferred Driver Program is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By enabling our shippers to select their preferred driver, we are not just facilitating a transaction but nurturing a partnership that will benefit the driver and the shipper.”

The Preferred Driver Program is simple to use. Shippers can choose their preferred driver from a list of available drivers when placing an order. This feature allows shippers to select a driver based on factors that matter most to them, such as delivery speed, reliability, and previous experiences.

With the launch of this program, FRAYT continues to distinguish itself as a forward-thinking delivery technology that values the needs and preferences of its customers. The company anticipates a positive response to the new program and looks forward to seeing the partnerships and success stories that will undoubtedly arise from this innovative approach.

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FRAYT is a leading last mile delivery marketplace that connects shippers with a network of over 15,000 owner-operator drivers instantly. FRAYT is committed to delivering an unparalleled shipping experience by providing innovative solutions, such as the Preferred Driver Program, that put control and choice directly in the hands of shippers.