Free CyberRisk Assessment launched to help organisations tackle cyber crime


From today, companies will be able to benefit from a free cyber risk assessment of their business following the launch of CyberRisk – a new product provided completely free of charge by cybersecurity specialists FoxTech.

Cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks, phishing and conversion hacking, can cause massive problems for businesses, such as client data appearing online, and lead to lasting damage – not only to finances but to reputation too.

CyberRisk works by providing an organisation with its risk of being hacked, scammed or held to ransom based on its cyber risk score – which is calculated using publicly available data – along with information of any exposures and how these can best be combatted to prevent future breaches.

The cyber risk score is an immediate indicator of how high or low the risk of a potential cybersecurity breach is for a company. Companies with scores of 75 or more are at extreme risk of cyber attack while those below 25 are considered to be low risk.

Anthony Green, CTO and cybersecurity specialist at FoxTech, said:

“We want to help organisations in every sector from being hit by security breaches caused by cyber attackers. That’s why we are offering a full CyberRisk assessment for free to show businesses instantly how their system looks like to an attacker.

“Hackers are continually changing their methods, which is why it’s more vital than ever to ensure your organisation has a robust security strategy in place that’s able to withstand multiple threats. Think of CyberRisk like a credit score for your computer system. Our assessment will check for weaknesses in your defences and identify vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited by opportune hackers.”

Companies interested in finding out their cyber risk score can order this for free from FoxTech here: