Future-Proof Your Photo Printing with Citizen


Trusted photo manufacturers, Citizen, demonstrate their commitment to the sector with new partnerships to herald a bright future despite Mitsubishi exiting the global dye-sub photo printer market as of the 31st of March this year.

Citizen’s new partnerships extend to photographers and photography businesses alike including wedding photographers, photo booth operators, school photographers, retail kiosks and more.

Significant growth is predicted for the global mobile photo printer market with recent reports* demonstrating a substantial compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of 5.7% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2026.

Several factors contribute to these statistics including the maturity and reliability of dye-sub printing technology, its supporting software solutions, and the demand for advanced tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the resurgence of the events market has seen a notable shift with many European countries working on their roadmaps to recovery; aided by successful vaccination programmes. This appetite was underlined recently when international lifestyle mag, Harper’s Bazaar, reported that Bridebook, The No.1 wedding planning app, crashed after a 720% surge in traffic following official announcements to ease restrictions on weddings and other public events.

Given the departure of Mitsubishi, Citizen has moved quickly to ensure photography businesses need not be concerned about potential downtime, offering its market-leading print solutions through its growing network of specialist Official Photo Resellers and Partners.

With photo printers suitable for all professional and home-printing applications, Citizen printers’ range includes recent additions capable of producing stunning results with adhesive and wide format media. The overall range also boasts high-capacity options for volume applications such as theme parks and various retail solutions. Citizen’s premium, rugged construction, offers users unbeatable durability and with more than 100 years of heritage in precision engineering, Citizen printer customers can be assured of reliability that is second to none.

Citizens’ commitment to producing innovative solutions within the photo sector shows no sign of slowing and is excited to announce a new alliance with specialist photo solutions company, System insight. Boasting 30 years serving the industry and unbeatable customer service, System Insight is now welcomed as a Citizen Official Photo Reseller with major plans to offer Citizen photo printers to their customers and to integrate them into their market-leading photo solutions.

Stuart Morley, Managing Director, System Insight, said: “Along with other brands, System Insight has been an official reseller of Mitsubishi printers for more than 15 years. When the company chose to leave the market earlier this year, the obvious choice for us was to speak with Citizen as they have a great reputation, the team is easy to deal with and they are very well respected in the industry. One of our USPs at System Insight is the fact that we offer all our customers technical support. Our customers can call us, speak with one of our technicians and 99 times out of 100, issues are resolved over the phone. The fact that Citizen’s photo printers are built to be bombproof means that we anticipate less requirement for this as we begin introducing them to our customers. We’ve always been aware of the quality of Citizen printers’ output but hadn’t made the switch due to the incompatibility with Mac drivers. Now that this has been addressed, we’ve been waiting for the right time to bring the brand to the centre of our business, our customers and our install solutions. Quality-wise, they knock everything else out of the park. I could liken the difference between watching a normal television, then switching to a 4K screen!”

Gary Andrews, EMEA Business Manager, Photo Printers, Citizen Systems Europe, said: “We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Stuart and his expert team at System Insight. As one of the most innovative and trusted suppliers of photo printing products in Europe, it’s a perfect marriage of excellent service and industry knowledge paired with market-leading products and unique solutions. We welcome System Insight to the Citizen family and look forward to many years of success together.”