Getronics launches Investment Services Group


Getronics, the global IT services group, today launched a new technology and IT services division focused exclusively on meeting the needs of private equity and investment banking communities seeking to unlock or create new value from companies.

Getronics’ new Investment Services Group (ISG) will provide a one-stop IT shop for investors, spanning pre-transaction audit, initial integration, transformation and managed service/IT outsourcing propositions from Getronics’ core IT platform:

  • Pre-acquisition, ISG will leverage Getronics’ deep expertise to complement the due diligence activities of PE firms, auditing target companies for their value-creation potential: digital transformation expertise will help PE companies understand the IT landscape and business processes of their target and how digitalisation will impact that business.
  • Post-acquisition, ISG will deliver business transformation, addressing four key components of value creation – people, premises, procurement and performance – and providing the solutions that deliver it. Today’s fastest-growing PE-owned companies leverage the power of software, data analytics, IoT and machine-learning/AI, all of which are core Getronics competencies.

Uniquely, ISG will undertake these managed services/IT outsourcing contracts on a shared-risk basis, by pegging the commercial proposition to specific outcomes and deliverables.  This provides a focused engagement based on tangible business outcomes.  A 100-day plan is tracked via digital analytics, with dashboard technology extracting clean data from multiple sources to verify results.

Mark Cook, vice chairman of Getronics and managing director of the new Investment Services Group, said: “Newly PE-acquired companies have a clear revenue and cost synergy thesis to enable their financial success.  At ISG we are able to carry out pre-M&A due diligence and then commit to the financial outcomes identified in the business case, spanning technology transformation services, real estate as a service, procurement as a service, digital analytics and human capital management: a unique proposition for PE investors and their post-transaction operations teams.”

Chairman and Group CEO of Getronics, Nana Baffour, commented: “Getronics’ business transformation services are all about unlocking or creating value – for any organisation.  But our services are particularly priceless to PE and investment banking customers by virtue of their business model and what they do.  Digitally-driven businesses aren’t just the new normal, they are the new mandatory, especially in the PE world – but it requires genuine expertise to get it right.”

Getronics’ ISG division opens for business in January 2019.   Getronics already has several existing private equity customers, including Advent International, The Carlyle Group, Fidelity Investments and Terra Firma.

Getronics boasts a direct presence in over 40 countries, with service operations in 185 countries.  It supports 10m workspace assets around the world, across sectors including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transport, finance and government.