GHX Launches Digital Procure Platform to Give UK Healthcare Providers More Control


Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) today announces the launch of its GHX Procure platform to healthcare providers in the UK. GHX Procure is a cloud-based requisition and inventory management solution which gives Integrated Care Systems, hospitals and trusts real-time visibility of their inventory and allows for automated purchasing of supplies and medical equipment. GHX Procure has been designed to help free up healthcare professionals from manual supply chain management tasks and allow them to focus on their frontline roles.

The last year has demonstrated the importance of maintaining visibility across the healthcare supply chain to allow for smooth delivery of critical care, with existing healthcare practices and supply chain processes stretched to their limits as healthcare providers sought to secure vital medical resources. Combined with tighter budget controls, heightened patient demand and new healthcare procurement regulations such as the Medicines and Medical Devices Act 2021 (MMDA), healthcare supply chain functions have been under more pressure than ever. With the introduction of Integrated Care Systems, having a common procurement and inventory platform which easily integrates with multiple finance systems is essential.

GHX Procure helps give healthcare providers the control they need to overcome these challenges, allowing them to gain real-time insight into inventory levels and automating requisition processes to enable frontline healthcare professionals to focus on their clinical work rather than having to spend as much time managing requisition approvals and stock replenishments.

Perry Spender, Head of Procurement at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust, an early GHX Procure adopter, explains, “The GHX Procure inventory system has been invaluable to our large COVID-19 vaccination programme at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) by digitising the inventory process of stock and equipment located on the premises. This has streamlined the whole process, enabling the Procurement Team to maintain and monitor the stock required accurately.

“The system is user friendly, and the reporting functions mean we can easily manage and maintain stock levels, as well as being able to ascertain the current value of the stock. The handheld Zebra scanners are ideal for using Procure portably, rather than requiring us to return to the desktop version when issuing stock. Orders can be double checked, while the system can also verify stock checks before requesting products and has the ability to trace an item back to a specific team. This is very useful – especially in the case of product recalls, which could be critical in a few cases.”

GHX Procure is available in the following modules, all designed to help healthcare providers achieve smarter, more efficient, data-driven requisition and inventory management:

GHX Procure Inventory Manager: Developed for use across clinical teams, facilities management, finance, and IT, GHX Procure Inventory Manager helps to improve the efficiency of the healthcare supply chain, which can ultimately lead to improved patient safety. Using real-time stock level monitoring, the GHX solution automatically triggers replenishments when items fall below a certain threshold. This leads to greater supply chain efficiency, with materials only being ordered when needed, decreasing the chance of overspend and improving the cycle of ‘just in time’ procurement.

Enabling better visibility of product information can give doctors and other clinical staff better insight into the types and quantities of items they are using, with this improved data capture also allowing for better tracking of materials already used. This helps to support more efficient stock management, enhanced patient welfare checks thanks to more complete post-operative information, and proactive measures to be taken in the event of materials used in treatment being recalled.

GHX Procure Requisition Manager: Over-complicated processes can encourage excessive spending and contract compliance issues, as well as taking up valuable clinical staff time that could be spent on patient-facing activities.  GHX Procure Requisition Manager automates and simplifies the ordering process for medical supplies, making it easier for staff to follow approved requisition processes, freeing up frontline staff time and giving healthcare providers more control over their supply spend.

“Healthcare providers have been under tremendous pressure during a period where tried and tested supply chain processes have been found to be ill-suited to sudden spikes in demand. This is not only a costly approach to managing critical inventory, both financially and in terms of time taken away from frontline clinical roles, but it also creates a culture of over-buying with the potential to create mass shortages,” explained James Minards, Country Manager UK and Ireland at GHX Europe. “The launch of GHX Procure empowers healthcare professionals to gain greater control over their requisition and inventory management processes, improving procurement efficiency whilst allowing for our frontline medical staff to spend less time on complex supply chain management and more time with patients.”

GHX will be attending the P4H England event at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 15 September, providing live demonstrations of GHX Procure. Visit for more information.