Global first for decarbonising warehousing & logistics


With the potential to generate over 21,900-kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity per annum, just one of Katrick Technologies’ wind panels on a Howard Tenens Property facility will create enough zero-carbon energy in a year equivalent to the output of 300 trees.

Katrick Technologies’ innovative wind panels use newly patented technology, creating a momentous shift in how wind energy can be harvested and used in both rural and urban environments. In a global first, Katrick Technologies wind panels will help transform warehousing and logistics sector’s historically troublesome carbon footprint.

The innovative wind panels utilise advanced aerofoils which capture wind from all directions and convert it to zero-carbon energy. Both Katrick Technologies and Howard Tenens Property hope to share the results of their partnership as part of the COP26 Environmental conference in Glasgow in November, which is and bringing more than 190 world leaders to discuss climate change.

Commenting on the announcement of the partnership, Vijay Madlani, Co-CEO of Katrick Technologies, said: “Katrick Technologies is excited to work with Howard Tenens Property, a forward-looking company who understands and values the importance of our revolutionary technology to create a zero-carbon future in warehousing and logistics.”

Simon Emms, Managing Director – Property at Howard Tenens commented “We are excited by the prospect of Katrick Technologies’ innovative technology and look forward to supporting them along this journey.  Having invested heavily in PV and energy saving measures over the last few years, we look forward to this technology complementing our drive to reduce our carbon footprint and increase sustainability across our ever-growing property portfolio for the benefit of all our tenants.”

For more information on Katrick Technologies’ zero-carbon energy patented technology, and to also learn more about Howard Tenens Property’ services, watch this short video here.