GoTo comments on AI fearmongering


The topic of AI is dominating the news agenda. With the exponential rise of AI engines, public figures are calling for officials to ‘regulate before it’s too late’ over growing AI anxiety – will I be replaced by a robot?

But we’re missing something here when questioning AI: the human touch.

Humans have the innate ability to question when things aren’t quite right, taking active leadership in the way that their systems operate. Human support can offer empathy and emotional support to users who are frustrated, helping to build a stronger connection between users and the IT support team. It is only alongside human expertise that AI and advanced machine learning can run effectively. Human support staff can provide guidance and expertise to AI systems to help them better understand and respond to requests. By training AI systems and incorporating human feedback, AI can improve its accuracy and responsiveness over time. This will bolster business IT capacities by reducing downtime and operating more efficiently.

As organisations move forward in 2023, it would be unwise to dismiss AI, as used correctly it will become the most valuable business tool. Organisations will continue to face mounting pressures, and IT teams specifically are expected to see increased workloads as businesses continue to digitalise. By implementing artificial intelligence into IT support, it can respond instantly to common IT support queries, freeing up human support staff to focus on more complex issues that require human expertise. Combining the strengths of AI and Human support will not only increase the productivity of IT support but create a ripple effect to improve the efficiency of all organisational operations. In turn, this improves the experience for employees and customers alike, and highlights the critical role IT plays in organisations of all sizes.