Greener supply chains will benefit company profits & the planet


Apple has announced that it aims to be 100% carbon neutral for its supply chain and products by 2030. While Apple’s commitment is a welcome one, many companies continue to neglect sustainability, especially when it comes to their supply chain.

Ryan Purcell, Director, Global Impact at LLamasoft, a global AI and logistics solutions provider, told IT Supply Chain why he believes that greener supply chains will benefit company profits and the planet :

“While many companies have made optimistic net-zero targets, just 30% of companies are currently incorporating sustainability into their supply chain decisions. Combatting climate change must be at the forefront of everyone’s thinking and the supply chain industry can lead the way in creating a greener future.

Supply chains have a huge impact on the entire planet: air, water and land. To reduce the effects, we must find ways to make supply chains shorter, smarter, and more circular. Companies will have to expand their focus beyond cost and service, placing greater focus on sustainability and risk considerations. However, sustainability can also provide a business benefit; making supply chains as efficient and eco-friendly as possible can help reduce operating costs and complexity, improving profit margins and brand image and reducing risk along the way. But if this is to be achieved, both the mentality and practice will need to be changed to factor in sustainability.”