Hackers had access to News Corp’s networks for 2 years!


It is extremely worrying that threat actors were able to move around the network of News Corp., who owns some of the world’s most influential publications, for two whole years.

Although News Corp. has claimed the ‘activity does not appear to be focused on exploiting personal information’, we cannot know this for certain, particularly given the extensive period of network access available to the attackers.

The extent of damage and/or data theft resulting from this long breach is still unknown, though I expect this will be revealed in time. What we know today is that such fraudulent access could have and should have been discovered and resolved back in 2020.

It should take hours, not years, to identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities. It is crucial that organisations make the most of the latest External Attack Surface Management technology to consolidate all discoverable network vulnerabilities and create a clear view of cyber risk in one place.

Only with this level of visibility can the vulnerability that allowed the network access be swiftly remediated, shrinking the risk posed to business data, revenue, and reputation.