How Companies Can Withstand the Truck Driver Shortage


Truck drivers are essential in the transportation industry. They are responsible for delivering 71% of the goods to their final destination. The industry is experiencing a truck driver shortage, which leads to other problems.

Together with the increased gas prices, the trucking industry experiences delays. For people looking for a stable job with a good salary, working in the charlotte trucking industry is highly desirable.

The long haul sector is the highest paying in the industry but has the highest shortage. As the truck drivers retire and the demand increases, the industry will need more than one million truck drivers to fulfill the growing needs.

The shortage of trucking drivers explained

The supply chain is majorly affected by the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. This results in a lack of goods, delays, and higher costs. Many experts in the industry agree that acquiring and keeping the ruck drivers is a challenging job. The shortage first started back in 2005 and skyrocketed due to the pandemic. 

Why is there a shortage of truck drivers? This problem is a result of various factors. One of the problems that cause shortages is the early retirement of drivers. However, the industry growth is also responsible. When the demand for goods grows, the need for trucking services is also on the rise. With more destinations to serve and fewer drivers, the problem causes disruptions in the supply chain.

The influence of the pandemic

The pandemic has impacted every industry. The demand for goods increased while driving schools were closed due to the lockdowns. Drivers faced a difficult challenge when having to deliver more and more goods while the roads were congested. 

Job competition and skills

As the job is quite demanding, companies will have high requirements. However, employees will choose easier jobs that pay well. The long haul trucking jobs face the most shortage, as being away from home is the default. Therefore, more and more employees will join the construction industry. This sector plays well, doesn’t have strict criteria, and offers better job markets.

Many companies will offer a high hourly rate for truck drivers to deal with the shortage. However, this might do the opposite. With a higher salary, drivers will work less time to earn the same money.

How Companies Can Withstand the Truck Driver Shortage

Even under these circumstances, your business should perform excellently delivering goods and services. A lack of drivers doesn’t impact the industry, but it also affects businesses on an individual level. Your company’s reputation and success will be questioned, as the need for goods in record time is rising.

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The problem with the trucking industry is a combination of a few different issues. Therefore, you can’t solve it with only one solution. Attracting new employees into this industry is the top priority. Since obtaining the needed certifications can be costly, companies can cover the sum whole or partially. Offering more benefits for your employees is another great way to attract truck drivers. You can offer bonuses, 401(k), and hourly pay despite increased salary. 

Once you acquire truck drivers in your team, it is essential to keep them. Your company should maintain good relationships with its employees and improve the working environment for the drivers. Make your employees feel valued and appreciated to enhance employee retention and build a strong fleet.

Final thoughts

While the problem is present all over the states, companies can undertake specific actions to be in a better position. Covering the costs of tuition, offering better benefit packages, and increasing the salary are some of the ways to attract truck drivers and deal with the shortage.