How industry leaders can help bolster national cybersecurity


The creation of the UK Government’s National Cyber Strategy is a promising step forwards in bolstering the nation’s cyber resilience. We’re seeing rising numbers of cyber threats globally, with cyber-attacks being used as a means of modern warfare. 


As the current crisis continues to unfold, organisations must adopt technology that moves as quickly as the cybercriminals and can adapt in real-time to get ahead. For example, cybersecurity companies can develop a security strategy which includes a living platform that can learn and adapt defences based on the threat. They can then generate and prioritise comprehensive threat insights to help adaptively strengthen detection and respond in real-time to active threats.   


Industry collaboration between cybersecurity companies will also contribute to national resilience, as industry leaders can share threat intelligence insights to help strengthen detection and predict attacks. Initiatives such as No More Ransom also have a part to play here by providing a great wealth of knowledge and tools for all to use in the fightback against increasingly lucrative cyber-attacks.  


Ultimately, cybersecurity must be both a national and a worldwide priority. We’re stronger together and must all continue to fight against cyber warfare.