How Investing In A Goods Lift Can Save Money And Time


If you have different levels or a mezzanine level in your premises, then it’s likely that investing in a goods lift is a good idea. A goods lift will offer you safer lifting of bulky or heavy materials between floors. These lifts significantly reduce the amount of manual handling to move goods between levels, whether you traditionally use conveyors, forklifts, or stairs. This will enable you to move goods of all shapes, weights and sizes more easily between floors or mezzanine levels.

A goods lift can be loaded without the need for multiple forklifts. Instead, You can use roll cages, crates, trolleys and pallet trucks or load unpacked goods or packing crates with less human resources and vehicle traffic.

Specialist options such as those available from Mezzanine Floor Lifts, will make your warehouse, production, retail, logistics, or self-storage space run more smoothly, giving you a safer means to move products, equipment, and materials between levels. Whether you are looking to add a mezzanine floor or make better use of an existing mezzanine, you need to be able to move goods between floors, and a goods lift is the most likely cost-effective solution.

Goods lift features that save you time and money

  • Eliminate accidents and damage – by reducing the amount of manual handling; you can better protect staff and goods. The opportunity to reduce injury and damage to goods will reduce downtime and save on replacement costs. Many workplace accidents and injuries occur when goods are being loaded or unloaded, trips and falls, or accidents to people and goods as they fall when moved or from height. Dedicated goods lifts will move items from one level to another safely and securely, reducing vehicle use in the area and dangerous traffic on stairs or from overloading passenger lifts.

  • Increased load speeds without additional traffic – Goods can be stored and retrieved more quickly and safely, increasing productivity and reducing the number of trained forklift operators needed. A goods lift can be loaded and operated by one individual, making loading faster and safer, with less likelihood of an accident or damage to the goods, helping your business to minimise losses whilst improving productivity.

Safety that is quick and easy to install

With an average installation time of just 1.5 days, there is minimal disruption to your daily routines, whether you need a new build or are looking to retrofit. As a pit-free modular construction, the lift can be fitted and secured safely to the ground without disruptive civil work.

A range of platform sizes and entry/exit gates offer the safest way to lift and lower goods between floors and levels. Access gates should include electrical and mechanical guard locking and coded safety sensors that meet the latest health and safety guidelines for the UK and EU and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, so it is always worth seeking advice from and working with reputable and experienced mezzanine and goods lift suppliers who can demonstrate a commitment to developing and producing a range of high-capacity loading bay solutions to ensure that you get exactly what your business needs.

Bespoke solutions

Very few businesses have the same needs, space or access demands as you, so finding a bespoke solution tailored to your needs will save you the most time and money.

You should expect to be offered a range of load options to suit your site, with entry gates, run-through and through-lift access to suit your space and make the best use of areas where access or space is restricted. HMI touch screen operations without the need for a separate control room to speed up operation and rapid fault-finding technology can ensure improved operator self-fix rates. This can help by reducing downtime and expenses of calling in an engineer.