How is Axie Infinity Crypto Used?


Play-to-earn games have become incredibly popular in 2021, and one of the brightest examples of such platforms was Axie Infinity. There was a time when it hosted over 250 thousand players daily, and the Axie Infinity token reached its peak mark of $165.37. What is the essence of the game, and how can those tokens be used? Let’s talk about it now.

What is Axie?

NFTs are at Axie’s core. These are small cute cartoon animals that can be bred, collected, bought, sold, and traded by players. Also, they can make battles between different creations and receive bonuses for winning. Every creature is an NFT. They are divided into rare, ultra-rare and legendary. The platform offers over 500 different in-game items and details that can be used to improve your NFT and make it really unique. The more levels you pass, the more items are available for you, thus, the more unique creature you can make.

The Features of AXS Coin

AXS stands for Axie Infinity Shards. The Axie community have the following option for using these tokens:

  • Stake AXS. Staking is locking your tokens on a platform for a certain period. In return, you receive additional tokens. Stakers must be active in the game process to receive bonuses.
  • Pay. The platform has an Axie NFT marketplace where players can buy in-game items.
  • Govern. AXS stakers govern the treasury fund of the Axie community.

Where Can I Buy AXS Cryptocurrency?

Axie Infinity crypto tokens are available on WhiteBIT, Binance, UniSwap and other popular platforms. If you are a user of the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange, you can buy Axie Infinity token with fiat money via your bank card. The platform offers reliable transactions and a high level of safety for users’ data and funds. Look for more information about play-to-earn games and tokens on the WhiteBIT blog.