How retailers can stay relevant in the online market


Nine in ten (88%) retail customers feel shopping experience improved during pandemic, according to research from SAS. But for retailers currently facing pressures in the run-up to the busiest time of the year, it’s important they still manage to capitalise on the opportunity for high quality customer experiences that has arisen.

However, there are risks for those that don’t. Across all industries, over 50% of UK customers said they were prepared to switch provider after just one or two bad experiences.

The insights that can be gained from data produced by each digital interaction are the key to delivering highly personalised and rewarding customer experiences. Customers are increasingly aware of this; they want the benefits of a seamless digital experience and, as a result, are becoming more willing to share their data. The onus is on retailers to leverage this data using advanced analytics and AI to always deliver the right response, which sometimes needs to be ‘in the moment’.