iDTRONIC‘s BLUEBOX Micro IA – The powerful RFID Solution for Forklift Vehicles


The small and compact RFID Industrial Reader BLUEBOX Micro IA, with an integrated antenna, is perfectly suited for industrial applications within intralogistical processes with a forklift vehicle.

The reading device is equipped with a M12 plug connection and has a power supply of 10 – 36 volt. The output line is up to 27 dBm / 500 mW. The line can be regulated from 10 dBm on, in 1 dBm steps.



The BLUEBOX Micro IA has pre-drilled holes and therefore can be easily screwed on a forklift vehicle.The Reader possesses a RS-232 COM Interface. This serial alignment is optimal for a connenction to a monitor in the operators cab of a forklift vehicle. Furthermore, the device is equipped with an RS-485 Interface. The asynchronic serial alignment performs well for datacommunication over long distances to a warehouse.

The RFID Industrial Reader is optionally available with CANbus (SAE J1939 or CANopen). The CANbus system is serial and enables data exchange between several ECUs. Long cable lines are avoided by this interface. The network protocol SAE J1939 is used for the transmission of diagnostic data and control information. The CANopen connection is a communication protocol suitable for automation processes within warehouse processes. Complex devices can be networked with it.



The RFID Industrial Reader supports the global UHF frequencies 865-868 MHz (ETSI) and 902-928 MHz (FCC). Due to its integrated antenna and the long reading distance of 3 meters, this UHF reader is optimal for high rise racks and big storehouses.



Pallettes and goods can be safely identified, from the mounted RFID transponders or from RFID tags via the BLUEBOX Micro IA, and assigned to shelves.


The RFID Industrial Reader transfers the data to the monitor inside the forklift vehicle and displays the information about the content and the storage location.

The RFID Industrial Reader suits different applications within logistical processes:

– Goods receipt / Goods issue

– Warehouse management

– Intralogistics

– Distribution


The use of the BLUEBOX Micro IA automates the storehouse booking and provides a real-time control of the location of the goods. The deviced reduces wrong assignments and stockpiling. The lead time of orders are shortened by the RFID technology and optimized.




 The BLUEBOX Micro IA is supplied with a Software Development Kit and enables easy connection to your existing systems.


Do you need your own firmware for your application?

iDTRONIC offers customized firmware adaptations on request.

► Software Development Kit: Download