Industrial B2B Companies Need Gig Drivers to Deliver Efficiency & Job Site Materials


The last-mile delivery sector of the transportation industry is receiving a lot of attention, especially with recent focus on gig drivers’ classification status as contractors versus employees. As companies seek to optimize delivery miles for better performance and lower costs, quality and dedicated drivers are a key component to the equation.

Software company Dispatch drives tons of efficiency for its B2B customers, in addition to serving as a money-making generator for its network of independent drivers. With its leading B2B last-mile delivery platform that utilizes email matching and traffic condition analysis, Dispatch gets loads delivered to final destinations like construction sites as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

“We are growing to accommodate the needs of the final-mile delivery industry and providing capacity-building solutions for our B2B customers,” said Dispatch CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Leone (pictured left). “Dispatch customers include companies needing parts delivered to their jobsite to complete a repair, as well as companies that are using our Dispatch Connect technology to optimize and create efficiencies in routing their vehicles.”

Currently available in about 60 U.S. cities, Dispatch saves industrial businesses money by providing an on-demand, last-mile delivery solution that simplifies day-to-operations, manages fleets and gains end-to-end visibility through routing, tracking and managing deliveries via tech solutions like Dispatch Marketplace, Connect and API. With many Dispatch clients now opting to use the company’s expanding network of drivers as their outsourced fleet, the company also solves last-mile challenges for companies that have done away with their delivery vehicles – often resulting in fuel, emissions and maintenance reductions.

The last-mile is recognized as an expensive challenge, especially with next-day, same-day and on-demand delivery expectations growing in both B2C and B2B models. Last-mile delivery accounts for up to 50 percent of total delivery costs across all modes of transportation, according to a recent study by Deloitte. Lots of drivers will be needed to meet last-mile delivery needs since the global market is projected to increase to more than $268 billion by 2028, according to a ReAnIn report.

Replacing traditional courier services by offering on-demand deliveries with real time updates and dynamic ETAs since 2016, Dispatch empowers businesses by simplifying last-mile deliveries for businesses. The company can deliver job site materials in as few as 90 minutes, using its unique platform that both its B2B customers and network of drivers utilize.

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