Infor Launches Next Generation of Hospitality Management Solution


Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced the availability of Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) version 3.8.4, the latest release of the fully cloud-enabled hotel management software in the Infor Hospitality suite of solutions. This release is focused on providing new options for optimising and delivering personalised services. Infor HMS is deployed in the cloud and is accessible in real time, keeping pace with the busy lives and schedules of the modern guest, and enables hotels to tailor a seamless and contactless experience. It provides an intuitive user interface for everyone to manage each stage easily, delivering the most welcoming guest experience.

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Specifically, in this version, guests are empowered to manage their check-in and check-out experiences according to preference—often en-route and on their phones, requiring minimal contact with hotel staff. This property management system (PMS) functionality helps start and end a hotel stay with convenience, clarity, and care. The focal feature of this release is the newest module, Upsell, which presents enhanced experiences and/or upgraded rooms at check-in. The parameters can be set such that the offers differ by guest type, allowing hoteliers to choose which of their guests will receive upgrade offers. Upselling can drive revenue for the hotel by providing higher average daily rate (ADR)/revenue, higher experience spends for special offerings, and boost guest satisfaction.

As more and more resorts and hotels around the globe look for ways to stay connected with guests without increasing face-to-face interactions, Infor considered the need for enhanced mobile tools in this release to deliver personalized service from anywhere in the hotel. Infor HMS latest release puts the check-in, check-out, and activity booking, dining, spa, etc. in the hands of the guest for a true contactless experience. Partnering with Industry leaders in automated key lock systems, Infor HMS even offers mobile keys through a guest’s app. However, for guests who want a more traditional experience, the enhanced Guest Profile Information Card puts key guest information at the fingertips of the hotelier and front desk staff. This includes guest value, past stays, preferences, and promotional recognition, which allows for a more personal experience at check-in and helps to drive guest satisfaction and loyalty.

“The industry, the business, and the needs of guests are changing. It’s important to have a technology partner that understands this and has the resources to develop new applications that keep pace, and can be quickly delivered via the cloud, to stay agile,” said Jason Floyd, general manager of Infor Hospitality. “Hospitality is a key industry at Infor, and the company continues to show its commitment to current and future customers delivering products and capabilities that uniquely match what the industry is needing at any given time.”

In early 2022, Infor also plans to launch another new module for Infor HMS, the Call Center, which will provide a central view of property availability, rates, and guest information to effectively manage the reservation booking process. The Infor HMS Call Center will have the ability to lower reservation costs while improving guest satisfaction and the profitability of a hospitality enterprise by eliminating manual and duplicate data entry with accurate and reliable reservation delivery, tracking key performance indicators to measure call centre productivity, analysing centralized data to maximise efficiency and profits, reducing training time, and improving the new hire experience through an easy-to-learn user process.

Infor Hospitality solutions deliver cloud-based multi-departmental hotel management software that touch virtually every area of a business. Specifically, Infor HMS is designed to jump-start an organisation’s digitalisation journey by creating consistently

superior guest experiences, boosting revenues, and encouraging return visits. The solution provides easy access to valuable incoming data and empowers management to turn it into action. Infor’s HMS latest release is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese, allowing Infor’s global customers to immediately benefit from the new features and interfaces.

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