Flokk Puts Growth in The Driving Seat with Infor


Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that Flokk (formerly Scandinavian Business Seating), the market leader in the design, development and production of office furniture in Europe, has extended its deployment of Infor M3 based on its original use of legacy Infor applications.  Infor M3 will help Flokk to improve just-in-time manufacturing of its complex product portfolio and support international expansion.

Implemented by leading Nordics partner Columbus, Infor M3 will help Flokk better manage complexity, meet customer expectations, and ensure efficient service levels as it continues to grow.

Flokk has recently completed several acquisitions that have led to a huge volume growth, including an increase in sales from NOK 1.3 billion to NOK 3 billion in just 14 months.  One of the key opportunities to build on this growth, is the creation of a standardised ERP across these acquired companies which currently use a range of ERP systems including Monitor, SAP and IFS. Following the success of this go-live, Flokk is therefore considering introducing M3 throughout all of the companies within its group

“As a long-standing user of Infor M3, we knew that it was smart to upgrade to the latest version before we go into major integration projects with our new companies,” said John-Birger Tronsaune, vice-president of IT, Flokk. “This project is about making it possible to help our new acquisitions enter a modern environment if we make that decision in the future.  We are now evaluating whether Infor M3 is the right platform for the new operations.”

“Managing a complex portfolio throughout periods of aggressive growth makes a great many demands on systems and processes,” said Johan Made, general manager, Nordics, Infor. “The need to maintain high service levels is critical so that customers are not lost as the business moves to the next level. Flokk has recognised this and the evolution to Infor M3 will help ensure there are options to standardize and optimize processes as the business grows.”

“Our long-standing relationship with Flokk matches the deep domain expertise that drives the industry-specific functionality of Infor M3,” said Bert-Owe Josefsson, Regional Manager for Infor M3, Columbus.  “This has meant a fast, smooth implementation and we look forward to an expanded relationship with Flokk in the future.”