Infor & Made2Flow Launch Dedicated Sustainability Interface for Fashion Industry


Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced the availability of a dedicated interface between Made2Flow, a tech company specializing in analysis and validation of environmental data in the fashion industry, and Infor product lifecycle management (PLM). The interface will facilitate processing of data and full visibility for global fashion brands looking to increase transparency of the production supply chain. Crucially it will support traceability and impact measurement across tiers one to four.

As fashion brands face increasing pressure to measure their environmental impact and comply with upcoming regulations such as the PEFCR and Digital Product Passport, the interface between Infor and Made2Flow will automate the necessary data flow and impact calculations. Through capturing data from the entire supply chain, from yarn suppliers and fabric companies to garment producers, Infor’s interface with Made2Flow will facilitate meaningful, real time insights from which to monitor, measure and analyse key, pre-defined metrics. Not only will this allow greater visibility of the wider context of the fashion life cycle, but it delivers the necessary collaboration to allow continuous measurement to meet targets and communicate effectively and transparently with stakeholders.

The only way to truly understand the sustainability credentials of a given garment or item is to measure the environmental impact of every aspect of its lifecycle, in relation to CO2, water consumption, and other indicators. The fashion supply chain means that this is inevitably complicated and time consuming, requiring unprecedented levels of collaboration to gather, contextualize and leverage relevant data.

“With more than 1,000 fashion customers globally, all of whom are at different stages of their sustainability journeys, we are delighted to have created this interface with Made2Flow to help supercharge the potential of what is possible,” comments Helene Behrenfeldt, Infor’s industry and solution strategy director for the fashion industry. “Now, in addition to being able to expedite design and development time by up to 50% we can offer a capability which allows fashion companies to perform environmental impact measurements across their supply chain, and identify areas which can be adjusted to reduce carbon footprints with real-time recommendations.”

“At Made2Flow we developed technologies to overcome data gaps and validate data to finally be able to measure the impact of entire collections continuously in a credible manner. Thanks to our Bill of Processes (BOP) engine, we manage to normalize data and allow brands and suppliers to understand their impact hotspots. Developing regulations force fashion brands not only to use impact measurement as a consumer facing solution but for internal purpose to control in real time impact reduction activities. Thanks to the collaboration and interface with Infor, brands will be able to accurately measure their sustainability efforts and drive to faster impact reduction as an intuitive working tool and increase their sustainability ROI. At Made2flow we are great believers of partnerships such as this one, it is the only way to transition to a low impact industry,” comments Tal Shogol, CEO of Made2Flow.

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