IoT Asset Tracking with TrackMini from iDTRONIC Wireless IoT


The smart IoT device TrackMini convinces with a worldwide unique, ultra-flat design with a light weight of up to 13 grams. The TrackMini is a thin and compact IoT asset tracker with remarkably small dimensions of only 82 × 35 × 3 millimeters. This combination of case and battery lifetime is possible thanks to a novel assisted GNSS (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou) method. The tracker combines an integrated temperature sensor, antenna and a battery. Due to modern E-SIM, it can be supplied with appropriate data plans for worldwide usage or any other mobile phone provider can be integrated if desired.

Indoor and outdoor asset tracking for a wide range of applications

Accurate indoor/outdoor asset tracking has never been easier with this ultra-thin IoT tracker. The optional indoor location is based on WiFi, Bluetooth or UWB-sniffing. Outdoors, the location is determined via GPS/Galileo/BeiDou satellites or cell towers. The actual location determination takes place in the cloud to save large amounts of energy. With the help of an accelerometer, the TrackMini also knows when objects are moving and also goes into sleep mode to save energy. The asset tracker has a built-in flight mode and supports FAA and EASA safety standards. It’s therefore ideally suited for air cargo. Thanks to the small size, it can even be integrated into envelopes. Other use-cases include for example, to track tools in intralogistics, medicines in airplanes, or other shipments. The tracker connects automatically via LTE-M/NB-IoT and can be used worldwide due to roaming.

Available in different variants with high battery lifetime

The asset tracker TrackMini is available in 4 versions which differ based on rechargeability and battery size. The largest version achieves a battery lifetime of up to five years. This means lower maintenance and service requirements and higher return on investment. The TrackMini can be installed quickly and easily through simple sticking. Furthermore, there is an ultra-stable case that can be screwed, glued, or tethered.

Many device parameters such as transmission rate, acceleration thresholds and temperature settings are individually configurable and thus usable for many tracking applications. These can be set at the factory during manufacture or subsequently OTA or via the NFC application.

The location data can be integrated into any IoT platform or fleet management software via MQTT, CoAp or HTTPS webhooks. We are also happy to offer integration into one of our asset tracking platforms.

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