Is Your Labeling Integrated with Your Business Applications?


Labeling systems today are at their best when they don’t exist in a vacuum, disconnected from other enterprise software. Data should flow smoothly from one essential tool to another, originating from a single source of truth rather than duplicated and potentially inconsistent records throughout a business’s departments.

No matter what kind of applications your company uses to run their business processes – those that organize, store and access your data – you should be thinking about ways to make labeling a seamless part of the data ecosystem. Whether you’re using SAP, Oracle or any other leading business application, it is best practice to integrate your system and your source of truth with your labeling solution.

Your customers require a label that meets their needs from a design, data, language, and/or regulatory perspective. But does your existing ERP provide the power and flexibility to meet their requirements? Are you able to quickly deliver the required label without tapping into expensive technical resources? Enterprise applications commonly require technical resources to code label changes and create integrations that extract essential label data from other data sources. Even more critical, label changes cannot be rolled into production until an update to the core application occurs. The wait time for these release cycles can directly impact your ability to retain customers, attract new customers, and even enter new markets.

SAP Solutions

SAP environments are some of the most popular enterprise software solutions. The introduction of the HANA family of cloud-based solutions has kept the systems relevant in today’s increasingly decentralized data world. SAP’s latest enterprise resource planning offering, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, exemplifies the capabilities companies can gain. From internet of things integration to powerful analytics, the functional uses for data are numerous.

When you integrate labeling with SAP, you leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to achieve label accuracy and consistency—while eliminating duplication of data and the need to retrain users. Businesses that integrate their labeling systems into their SAP environments can speed up and streamline their labeling processes whether for supply chain labeling or product labeling. Essential data stored in SAP networks can include the latest version of product art or important warning information. Direct integration makes it easy to get accurate and consistent data onto product packaging and supply chain labels ensuring that all of your labeling requirements are met without error.

Oracle Solution

Oracle Supply Chain tools are an enduring choice for companies around the globe. These applications, recently brought into the cloud era, are at their best when connected to systems such as labeling. Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud extends connected apps to every era of the supply chain, from order management to procurement, maintenance and more.

When labeling systems get their data from the Oracle SCM Cloud or a similar Oracle deployment, there is less chance for important information to be lost in the shuffle. Changes will be reflected immediately, ensuring labels don’t suffer from the ill effects of data duplication or poor communication. A robust Enterprise Labeling Solution with the Oracle integration removes added costs or risks when migrating from your existing Oracle application to the Oracle cloud.

Other ERP Technologies

While Oracle and SAP are leading providers of ERP systems, they aren’t the only major entrants in the field. Fortunately, top labeling solutions can integrate seamlessly with other products, such as IBM Sterling and Infor’s applications.

Companies today are complex entities with operations around the world. These ERP tools are the connective tissue holding them together. A labeling solution designed to integrate with your enterprise applications ensures that your label data is sourced from your Source of Truth. It works alongside those business processes without changing the existing processes or requiring user training, which make label printing seamless.

Simply put, labeling solutions are vital in fast-moving modern organizations – and these particular applications are at their best when they aren’t kept in silos, but rather are connected to your central sources of data truth.

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