ISACA State of Cybersecurity Report 2022 – Cybersecurity skills shortage is worsening


The ISACA’s State of cybersecurity 2022 report released yesterday (March 23) revealed that the cybersecurity skills shortage is worsening: 63% of businesses have unfilled cybersecurity positions – an increase of 8% from 2021.

The skills shortage, plus the increasing complexity of corporate networks represents a watershed movement for the security industry – security teams must find ways to manage policies across distributed networks that saves time and resources.

The report surveyed more than 2,000 cyber security professionals globally, and 62% of the companies surveyed reported understaffed cyber security teams, with one in five companies taking six months to find qualified candidates to fill open positions.

To mitigate against this widespread shortage, businesses must lean heavily on automation – which frees up valuable time and resources, enabling businesses to get back on top of their security operations. Without automation, businesses are effectively ‘flying blind’ – as well as acting as a buffer against the current skills shortage, automation is the safety net businesses need to gain visibility – ensuring security policies are optimised and compliant.