JBS Foods hack must prompt supply chain cyber protection


This latest attack on JBS Foods underscores the ongoing cyber risk to global supply chains and organisations that are critical to the normal functioning of our society. While we are not sure yet of the technical nature of this incident, it follows the devastating ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline in the United States. It doesn’t matter whether its logistics, fuel or food – these critical supply chains present unique and complex challenges from a cybersecurity perspective.

At BlackBerry, we do not believe that our customers should have to suffer the effects of cyberattacks. With our prevention-first and AI-driven approach, we firmly believe that malware can be stopped. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) focused solutions take action too late and do not prevent breaches. Prevention is our strategy.

A prevention-first security posture begins with neutralising malware prior to the exploitation stage of the kill-chain. By stopping malware at the exploitation stage, BlackBerry solutions help organisations increase their resilience, reduce infrastructure complexity, and streamline security management. We do not believe that there needs to be victims.