Jernia Making a Home in the ERP Cloud with Infor & Columbus


Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Jernia has decided to work with Infor and its partner Columbus Norway to replace an old enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise, a standardized industry solution for retail trade.

Learn more about Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise:

Jernia was established in Norway in 1951 as a purchasing collaboration to offer home goods. Today, Jernia AS is a holding, marketing and distribution company for household items, kitchen equipment, hardware, tools, paint, grills, and interiors.

“Moving our ERP solution to the multi-tenant cloud is an important part of the digitalisation journey for the entire group and lays the foundation for tomorrow’s solutions that will give us the competitiveness we need to give our customers the best help» says Sondre Eftedal, CIO at Jernia. “ Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise has a lot of the functionality we need today and, as a cloud solution, it covers our strict requirements for uptime, scalability and security.”

Espen Enger, head of Infor solutions at Columbus, emphasizes that Infor’s multi-tenant solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is very competitive with its low operating costs. “At the same time, functionality is at the forefront because the solution is developed with customers in the retail trade worldwide by solving ever-new needs and requirements for relevant functionality, reliability and stability. This combination is one of our strongest competitive advantages,” Enger says.

Jernia expects that the new ERP platform will contribute to better and more efficient collaboration throughout the group. The platform, which includes a user-friendly interface, is constantly updated with new and relevant functionality as well as more integrated processes across various functions in the company.

“The ERP system is the hub of our business with touch points throughout the organization. A significant factor in this choice has been that we enable further investment in our omnichannel concept, which is already among the best in the country. That is why our ERP platform is an important driver for our competitiveness,”  Eftedal says.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise is updated monthly for customers in the retail trade, with a team dedicated to IT security and a cloud solution that ensures strict requirements for uptime. In addition, Infor has a strong focus on automating and streamlining business processes using AI.

“We have chosen an established partner that has good knowledge of Jernia’s organization, business processes, and how we will implement the solution together. Columbus also has the ideal conditions to assist Jernia in both the management and the further development of our business processes. And not least, we have good chemistry that makes us look forward to further collaboration,”  Eftedal concludes. “This project will be important to strengthen our competitiveness and ability to develop and renew the business.”