JLT Mobile Computers opens customer pilot program for new Android 10 based rugged vehicle mount computer


JLT Mobile Computers, a leading supplier of reliable computers for demanding environments, announces the launch of a pilot program for its state-of-the-art Android 10‑based JLT6012A vehicle‑mount computer designed to boost productivity in warehousing and other logistics deployments. Bringing Android 10 to the popular JLT6012 platform brings convenience and exciting new opportunity into forklifts and many other types of vehicles. JLT delivered its first advance JLT6012A unit to a customer last month and additional interested customers can now apply to the limited pilot program.

Worldwide, Android holds 85% market share in smartphones[1]. More than a billion users are familiar with Android operation. There is tremendous software and developer support, making Android a perfect complement to Microsoft Windows‑based systems and infrastructure, as well as a migration opportunity from older and now discontinued Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded legacy systems.

“Over a billion people are using Android every day and the growing demand for Android solutions in industry and on the job comes as no surprise,” says Per Holmberg, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers. “As one of the pioneers in bringing Android to modern vehicle‑mount computers, JLT is perfectly positioned in enabling customers to have a common Android operating system and software base that includes both handheld computers and vehicle‑mount terminals. Combining our new JLT6012A computer with Android 10 will greatly simplify operation, maintenance and device management, and that leads to increased efficiency and productivity within warehouses and other logistics environments.”

The new JLT6012A logistics vehicle‑mount computer presents a major advance in rugged computing, as the new terminal not only delivers unparalleled productivity and familiarity, but also constitutes a flexible platform for building innovative mobile IT solutions, including hardware, software and services for the needs of both today and tomorrow.

Available in a 12-inch form factor, the new JLT6012A Android 10‑based vehicle‑mount computer features the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core CPU which has become an industry standard in reliable, responsive rugged RISC-based computers. The new system is based on the existing market-leading Windows 10 JLT6012 vehicle‑mount computer, which is the fastest ramping product in JLT history. The new JLT6012A Android 10 version now adds a wealth of enterprise productivity and security features.

Like its Windows-based sibling, the new JLT6012A computer also reduces total cost of ownership by providing a wide-range 9-72 VDC isolated power supply with UPS functionality, facilitating installation in most types of vehicles, including electrical, gas and diesel-powered trucks, without expensive external hardware. Maintenance cost is minimal with the nearly indestructible JLT PowerTouch™ display technology that addresses today’s most common reason for computer breakage. Other wear and tear prone components can easily be serviced, and the computer software and firmware can be upgraded remotely – all to avoid taking the computer out of operation in the field.

As an early adopter of Android‑based vehicle‑mount devices, JLT has been providing leadership in next generation platforms for years. The company recognized Android for its potential in delivering unparalleled productivity and instant user acceptance, and also in its promise as a platform for a wealth of mobile solutions. With the new JLT6012A computer the company now offers a full half dozen of Android‑based rugged handhelds, tablets and vehicle mounts.


Contact JLT Mobile Computers for more information about the new JLT6012A computer, or visit https://jltmobile.com/ to learn more about the platform. Advance JLT6012A test units are available now upon request, with volume production and full availability by mid-year 2021.


[1] https://www.idc.com/promo/smartphone-market-share/os