Jungheinrich expands Northern Ireland footprint supporting leading businesses


As consumer demands and expectations increase, in part due to the fallout from Covid-19, supply chains become more complex and businesses are increasingly turning to sleeker and more flexible supply chains in order to generate greater value from their warehouses and processes. Now, in the wake of Covid-19, more and more businesses are grasping the opportunity for change, especially with the rise of ecommerce over the last twelve months, and so, efficiency is of greater demand than ever.

The expansion of Jungheinrich’s footprint within Northern Ireland further supports its customer bases in unlocking such efficiencies and has allowed the company to support and enhance the productivity  of several leading businesses. These include Lynas Food Service, PING Group and Cyril Johnston, all of which have recently turned to Jungheinrich to support them in their drive to create efficiency and productivity gains to ultimately deliver greater business value and growth.


Lynas Food Service

A third-generation family-run business for over seventy years, Lynas Food Service provides over 6000 ambient, chilled, frozen and non-foods products to organisations and services across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Scotland, including many large hotel chains, restaurants, schools and prisons. As a fast-growing company, the wholesaler was outgrowing its existing warehouses, and had limited capacity to take on new customers and opportunities at its current rate.

To support Lynas Food Service’s 15-metre high racking, Maurice Devenney, Group Facilities and H&S Manager at Lynas Food Services sought the help of Jungheinrich: “Jungheinrich’s VNA order pickers were exactly what we needed. Especially from a health and safety point of view, with these machines, the operator is eye level to the pallet no matter where he is placing it, whether it’s two meters high or 15 meters.

“With other available options, the operator consistently remains lower when placing the pallet at height, and instead has to depend on cameras and personal skills, which isn’t as reliable. Jungheinrich’s VNA order pickers are therefore ideal for our operations.”


PING Group

PING Group, a ground handling company based at Belfast International Airport is an independently owned aircraft and cargo handling company, offering a wide portfolio of services to its customers. From warehouse handling to transport and courier services, and more, it relies on dependable and efficient materials handling equipment to support its operations and ensure it can deliver its services to the highest standards.

Jonny McKinney, Managing Director, PING Group, comments: “Our determined vision to evolve and grow has increased the need for innovative and reliable materials handling equipment at our Northern Ireland headquarters to help put PING Group on the map in the aviation industry. PING Group aims to be the cargo reception point for airlines such as Virgin, Emirates and Qatar, Quantus and Air China, so as our footprint expands, the fleet of logistics vehicles will also need to expand in order to support our range of customers.

“Involving and integrating with companies such as Junghierich to improve our fleet by association is hugely beneficial. With 24/7 operating hours, it’s crucial for PING to operate an efficient workflow to offer a premium service for our customers. As part of PING’s make-up, reliable and robust equipment is required in order to deliver first class service to customers and we’re impressed with how Jungheinrich has been able to support us along our journey.”


Cyril Johnston

For Cyril Johnston, one of the largest family owned suppliers and distributors of garden machinery and leisure goods in the UK and Ireland, having an efficient and reliable materials handling operation within its warehouse is vital. With its successful business growing rapidly – and each peak season increasing exponentially – it could no longer rely on its previous outdated handling equipment to support its logistics efforts. Cyril Johnston therefore needed a high quality and durable brand to rely on and with its highly regarded reputation in the market, Jungheinrich was Cyril Johnston’s first choice.

Tom Black, MD, Cyril Johnston said: “January to July is the busiest season for Cyril Johnston and one of the main drivers for us was the need to upgrade our fleet to improve efficiency, especially during peak periods. We simply could not operate without a reliable forklift truck. We’ve been pleased with the level of customer service from Jungheinrich and are excited to use more modern equipment within our warehouse that will ultimately help to streamline our operations and keep our loyal customers happy.”

Neil Warren, Region One Business Director at Jungheinrich UK comments, “In these current turbulent times, with certain industries continuing to grow and meet accelerated demand, the implementation of innovative technology and solutions is essential to help transform operational performance, reliability and safety within businesses. We look forward to developing our relationships even further and helping them and other businesses in Northern Ireland to expand and meet demand in the future.”