K3 Syspro Puts People at the Heart of ERP with Resistance to Change eBook


ERP solution provider K3 Syspro has launched its new eBook, Resistance to Change. Implementing an ERP system brings deep-rooted organisational change which will inevitably confront resistance. K3 Syspro understands that introducing new technology is a people centric process and through its book explores the politics of change. Where will resistance come from and what is driving it? How can manufacturers engage with individual users to address their concerns, dismiss misconceptions and demonstrate how digitalisation can transform everyone’s working lives for the better?

K3 Syspro is the only company in Europe licensed to sell SYSPRO software and focuses solely on meeting the needs of manufacturers. Its Resistance to Change eBook tackles head-on the challenges of adopting enterprise resource planning software.

The leadership team may understand how effective ERP will make their operation smarter, faster and more efficient, yet the project is doomed to failure without the buy-in of users. Skills shortages are a key issue in modern manufacturing and a productive dialogue with staff is critical in retaining and attracting talent.


Resistance factors

The eBook opens with an exploration of common resistance factors when implementing ERP. Only by identifying potential obstacles can manufacturers plan to mitigate them.

Central to that is the need to engage with the workforce and make a business case which addresses the fears and concerns of every individual. The eBook explores the different personality profiles at play within organisations that may show resistance.

Be it fear that technology will make roles superfluous, sentimentality about legacy systems, or reluctance to take time out to learn how to use new software, there is no hiding from workforce concerns.



The eBook stresses the importance of engaging with these individuals at an early stage and addressing their concerns. It encourages employers to ensure there are representatives of all departments in their implementation team to give people buy-in and the opportunity to explore how the system will transform working practices.


Unleashing your superpowers

The eBook emphasises that when it comes to selling ERP adoption to the workforce, employers must look beyond the benefits to the bottom line. How will it transform the working lives of its individual users?

Employee empowerment and not replacement is the key message to ensure buy-in from staff. It is imperative that leadership teams take time out to listen, inform and train users, demonstrating how a new centralised system can empower them to work more effectively and productively. Only then can solutions realise their potential.

The ERP toolkit can revolutionise working lives, automating mundane tasks to free people up to do more value-added work, giving access to key information at a touch of a button and facilitating joined-up working to ensure everyone is working towards common goals.

Perhaps the most important superpower available through ERP is one of resilience. At a time of political and economic uncertainty, manufacturers need to future-proof their businesses and ensure they are agile enough to respond to whatever challenges come their way. The eBook emphasises the importance of demonstrating to people right across the organisation the value of making the business faster, fitter and more robust.


Customer service

After more than three decades working with UK manufacturers, K3 Syspro has a wealth of experience handling resistance to change. When selecting an ERP provider, it is essential to find a partner prepared to focus on people as much as technology to help drive your digital agenda.

To access K3 Syspro’s Resistance to Change eBook, please here.