Kimberly Morgan named new Chief Commercial & Operations Officer, Fashion Portfolio at K3


K3 Business Technology Group has announced New York-based Kimberly Morgan as Chief Commercial and Operations Officer (CCOO) leading the newly created ‘K3 Fashion Portfolio’, a K3 business unit encompassing K3 Pebblestone, K3 Fashion, and K3 ViJi. K3 BTG is a top-ranked tech company with its HQ in Salford.

The K3 Fashion Portfolio brings product developers, fashion advisory experts and the go-to-market teams all into the same division, with far deeper scope, vision, collaboration, and innovation than ever before. This new model will accelerate K3’s plans to take a prime position in business-critical software solutions focused on fashion and apparel brands.

As CCOO Kimberly Morgan will lead the advisory, sales, marketing, and product development teams to optimize K3’s commercial power, product market fit, and amplify the global market presence of the K3 Fashion Portfolio.

The new K3 Fashion Portfolio allows for clarity and purposeful conviction. It will continue to operate across a strong trifecta of inputs, amplifying its connection more closely to the Microsoft Community, customers, and established global partner channel.

Kimberly Morgan’s promotion follows the implementation of a new management structure, devolving greater responsibility to the leadership teams within the Group’s businesses, which are separately managed and respectively address different market sectors. The move reflects the Board’s strategy to further simplify operations, more effectively address the opportunities within market sectors, and to drive shareholder value.

Commented K3 Executive Chairman, Tom Crawford: “I am thrilled that Kimberly Morgan will be leading our K3 Fashion Portfolio business. Kim has market experience, customer understanding, and the support of a great team to ensure K3 enables our customers’ businesses to thrive. The K3 board and I look forward to working with Kim, her team, and our partners, to deliver
for our customers; she has my total support and confidence.”

Speaking on the new Fashion Portfolio, Kimberly Morgan set out her vision for her team:

“The new K3 Fashion Portfolio showcases enhanced organization in terms of methodology, processes, and practices. The remarkable market in which K3 operates is reflected in our esteemed Blue Chip customers and partners, demonstrating the ambitious nature of our work. The Portfolio
is set to expand and strengthen its presence through its core various channels, including our dedicated advisory team, outbound SDR, and sales efforts. We are actively collaborating with Microsoft
on a global scale, fostering relevant partnerships, and successfully closing deals with both partners and customers.

“Collaboratively, the teams will persist in establishing the fundamental principles of outbound indirect partner channel sales, while effectively managing individual contributor sellers and their customer interactions. Within K3, we will proactively identify areas for improvement, such as refining our approach to customer enablement, and continue to scale our strong market presence.
By adopting this approach, K3 can actively offer scalable opportunities to our partner community, thereby amplifying our collective success.

“We are currently experiencing an impressive upward trajectory, with a projected double-digit
year-on-year growth that is set to continue throughout 2024. This remarkable achievement serves
as a testament to our dedication and will be further strengthened by fostering unity and collaboration externally. We invite our customers to join us on this journey and become an integral part of our community. Customers are the lifeblood of our organization, representing the market and providing valuable insights as they navigate the challenges that our solutions aim to address.”

The change will amplify K3’s success, further enhancing our value proposition in the market. In our most recent case study, Tobias Schuhmacher, Head of IT and Organization at German
fashion brand Création Gross, commented:

“My advice to other fashion companies considering K3? It’s a smart move. You’re not just buying a solution – you’re joining a collective that’s shaping the future of fashion technology. Together, we are stronger and with K3, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.”

“With K3, we are part of a larger ecosystem where the pace of development is not only set by us, but also by the collective drive and vision of all the companies using K3 Fashion. This not only enhances the value of our investment, but also exposes us to best practices and innovative ideas from across the fashion industry. This alleviates pressure on our internal IT team to develop custom solutions and allows us to focus on our core business objectives, secure in the knowledge that our ERP system is adaptable and future proofed.”

Added Kimberly Morgan: “This momentum will have a ripple effect throughout the broader K3 network. Our partners will experience the advantage of securing more business by selling a K3 Product, with unrivaled advisory support, which is recognized as a market leader. We will actively involve our customers by inviting their feedback, enabling us to continuously enhance our results-driven IP. Additionally, we will consistently engage with key audiences, fostering open dialogue.
To ensure the adoption of best practices and maintain agility, we will establish voice of the customer councils and voice of the partner councils, representing the most knowledgeable and talented individuals in the market.”

This month, the K3 Fashion Portfolio team has a busy event schedule. They will be present at Outdoor Retailer in Utah, Microsoft Ignite, and PI Apparel in New York City. To start off 2024, Kimberly Morgan will be attending the industry renowned NRF event, followed by MAGIC in Las Vegas. Additionally, customer ideation sessions will be held in France and the Nordics, with a deeper tour of the DACH region planned for February.

Kimberly Morgan joined K3 in 2021 and has rapidly risen to CCOO during that time, moving swiftly from North America Vice President of Sales to Global Head of Sales to Chief Commercial and Operations Officer. She brings to the role her incredible energy and passion for the market, underpinned by vast skills in marketing, sales, and customer service. Throughout her career, she has had extensive experience in enacting growth by building and restructuring go-to-market teams and energizing product teams on a clear customer aligned roadmap.