Kinaxis Achieves Carbon Neutrality, Aligns ESG Commitments to Support UN Sustainable Development Goals


Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX:KXS), a leader in supply chain management software, has achieved carbon neutrality for 2020. Continuing to be a sustainability leader in the supply chain community, Kinaxis has aligned its core ESG commitments to support six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to enhance the focus, actions and impact of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. All details can be found in Kinaxis’ recently released 2021 Global Impact Report.

“The power of supply chains to change the world has never been more apparent. Removing waste is a core corporate value for Kinaxis and we see it as our responsibility to be leaders in the supply chain ecosystem to help create a better future. We care deeply about all our stakeholders, know we can help and are committed to constant improvement,” said John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis. “Since our last ESG performance report, we have taken important steps and made incremental investments to significantly mature our ESG governance model and drive meaningful initiatives related to social good and global sustainability. In particular, we are extremely proud to have fully offset our direct and indirect emissions for 2020, achieving carbon neutrality for the year, and to have committed to a long-term ‘net-zero’ strategy.”

In the 2021 Global Impact Report, Kinaxis outlines its core commitments and reports its recent progress with each, including:

  1. Protecting our planet by doing what we do best – Creating a sustainable future is not only a key aspect of how Kinaxis runs its business, but by combining human intelligence with AI and concurrent planning, customers are empowered to make the best possible decisions for their businesses and the world.
    • The Kinaxis RapidResponse® platform helps customers meet their ESG objectives, including mitigating carbon emissions, enabling efficient recycling, reducing wasted product, and ensuring critical items like pharmaceuticals are available where and when they are needed.
    • RapidResponse helps customers gain a substantial financial performance advantage, which was particularly critical during the worst of the pandemic.
    • With the help of an independent consultant, Kinaxis has calculated its first greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory and purchased quality offsets to achieve carbon neutrality for 2020. The company is fully committed to continuing to offset any direct and indirect emissions that remain after its ongoing reduction efforts.

  1. Taking care of people – People matter here is the foundation of the Kinaxis customer culture. With teams spread across the world, each one is just as important as the next. Kinaxis takes great care in cultivating a socially conscious culture where all are empowered.

  • 95% of Kinaxis employees feel that the company treats them with respect and 94% feel that they are an accepted member of the team.
  • 91% of Kinaxis employees believe that the company’s leadership is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Kinaxis has mandated that, for key roles, 30% of candidates presented and 25% of candidates interviewed must be from underrepresented groups. Every employee is also required to pass unconscious bias and inclusion fundamentals training.
  • To assist with the stress of COVID-19, the company has expanded its mental health training, doubled its counseling benefits and designated the last Friday of every month a “Kinaxis Day,” a paid day off to allow all employees to recharge.

  1. Giving back – As global citizens, Kinaxis supports the communities and the causes where it can make the most impact.
    • Kinaxis supported more than 60 organisations, globally, that feed, house, and provide medical and emotional care for those who need it most.
    • In response to an extraordinary 2020, Kinaxis almost quintupled its charitable giving compared to its initial commitment for the year.
  2. Building trust through integrity – Kinaxis believes in its responsibility to build trust with all its internal and external stakeholders through openness, transparency and accountability, including the protection of stakeholders’ data.

  • The Kinaxis accountability structure for ESG starts with the Nominating and Governance Committee of its Board of Directors and filters through a steering committee which covers every key aspect of the organisation.
  • Kinaxis is the first Canadian company to receive the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) C5:2020 Type I Attestation. C5, or the Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue, defines an important security baseline for cloud service providers and is quickly becoming an important designation for industry leaders.
  • ESG now has its own distinct category within the Kinaxis comprehensive enterprise risk management process, and the company is reporting metrics in line with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board guidance for software and IT services companies.

For more information, see the complete 2021 Global Impact Report on environmental-and-social-governance.